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The UK unit of ISKCON has reported 21 confirmed Covid-19 cases. Photos | Facebook ISKCON US

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New Delhi: When the whole world fought the Covid-19 pandemic, it happened infected more than 1.3 million people worldwide and resulting in more than 74,000 deaths, the ISKCON community in the UK is also affected by this virus.

The International Society Unit for Krishna Awareness (ISKCON) United Kingdom, which has more 15,000 members reported 21 confirmed cases in the Greater London area, while five devotees died from the virus.

An ISKCON worshiper for more than three decades, Rameshvara Das, in the mid-seventies, was among those who died recently. Another devotee of Dhananjaya Das, one of the first to join ISKCON in England, had hospitalized because Covid-19, while many others are in critical condition.

Praghosa Das, chair of the British Governing Body Commissionthe word“Our hearts are addressed to all people on this planet who have been infected with this virus.”

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Spread of the virus

It has been suspected that the virus spread among the people when 1,000 of them gather up for another devotee’s funeral on March 12.

According to Praghosa, there were no restrictions in Britain at that time. ISKCON closed all temples in Britain on March 16, a week before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the lockdown.

Praghosa, however, the word“Come to think of it, I think we will all agree now that it can’t work. But it’s easy to be wise after the event. We don’t know what we know now. “

While 21 confirmed cases have been reported, people on social media claim more than 100 people may be infected by Covid-19 in the UK. Praghosa even admitted that there were probably more cases of Covid-19 among worshipers than the 21 reported.

He the word they should not underestimate this. “It’s not that somehow saying Hare Krishna, it will stop us from getting this virus – we have seen many cases of worshipers affected by it and sadly died. So we must follow all precautions and directives from our government. There is no question for those of us who think that this is not important, or some kind of conspiracy theory. That would be a crazy road to follow. “

Anticipating reactions from the entire ISKCON community, Praghosa added“Please don’t be harsh with devotees in the UK. They accidentally do something they shouldn’t do. They think they are following everything they have to follow. So please pray for the best, pray for them. “

Covid-19 in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has reported more than 51,000 cases of Covid-19 and have reported more than 5,300 deaths from the virus. Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been infected by the virus shift to the intensive care unit Monday, after symptoms have worsened. He was previously quarantined at his residence.

Apart from the PM, even Prince Charles is infected with a virus. On March 23, Johnson announced locking in the country to prevent the spread of corona viruses and viruses called this is a national emergency.

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