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WALES First Minister said that it was ‘foolish’ to end the closure before it was safe and wasted the efforts of the British public in recent weeks.

Mark Drakeford told a news conference that it was important for the four countries in the United Kingdom to decide whether to extend the lockdown at this time.

Drakeford began his speech to the country by thanking the “thousands” of people who adhere to the guidelines for staying indoors this weekend, despite the enchanting warm weather.

He said information from Welsh police chiefs throughout the troops was that there were some problems – including in North Wales – about people visiting second homes and vacation homes.

The Minister stressed that this type of travel was ‘not important’ and that people should not do this.

The minister said that there were signs that locking measures were starting to have a positive impact but said the government knew “things will get worse before they get better”.

Mr Drakeford added that it would be ‘stupid’ to lock down not to continue and to waste the efforts of the British public in the past few weeks.

He said: “I think the lockdown will need to continue beyond Easter Tuesday. Everything that has so far shown is foolish to throw away the efforts that everyone has done.

“I think the lockdown will need to continue after Easter Tuesday,” the Minister added.

He told the public that the Welsh Government would review the progress of the spread of the virus but believed that a further locking period would be needed.

Wales Public Health revealed today that 27 more people have died in the country after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus, bringing the number of deaths in Wales to 193.

The number of people who tested positive for the disease throughout the country rose 302 to 3,499.

The Minister reflects the fact that behind every recorded case and death, each number is a loved one or has a family who is currently grieving.

Questions were also raised about the health of the British Prime Minister after spending the night at a hospital in London and Drakeford said he hoped Johnson’s stay would be “as short as necessary” when he underwent tests for coronavirus symptoms.

Drakeford said: “I wrote to the Prime Minister on Thursday the previous week before he fell ill, wishing he had recovered quickly, and wanted to repeat it today.”

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