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British officials have ended including Chinese data in their daily briefings showing coronavirus figures by country because of inaccurate data from China.

Great Britain ended displaying the number of infections and deaths reported in China after Thursday, according to to Night Standards. Some authorities believe the figures reported from the Chinese Communist Party are false or at least downplay the importance of the deadly virus, which originated in Wuhan, China. Many high-ranking world officials have also criticized and questioned China because of the possibility of lying or misrepresenting the figures.

Conservative British lawmakers formed the Chinese Research Group to “promote debate and fresh thinking” about UK relations with China.

“This data is used to assess the effectiveness of our own responses, whether good or bad. “It’s important for us to compare likes with, if not, our own responses can be distorted which leads to more deaths in Britain,” said the group’s founder, Tom Tugendhat, who is also chairman of the Commons foreign election committee. 10 [Britain’s capitol building] believe the same as the rest of the world – that Chinese data is unreliable and may be wrong. “

US intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, also concluded that China had falsified the numbers, Bloomberg said earlier reported.

China currently reports around 4,700 deaths in the country from the virus, while the United States has more than 60,000 deaths and Britain has more than 26,000, according to Latest tracking data from Johns Hopkins University.

“Claims that United States of America has more coronary deaths than fake ones in China, “said Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse. “Without commenting on confidential information, this is clearly very painful: the Chinese Communist Party has lied, lied, and will continue to lie about the coronavirus to protect the regime.”

Experts at the University of Hong Kong published a study that revealed the number of infected people in China was at least four times the number reported, which is around 83,000. The country has reported around 80,000 infections in the country for months now while the remaining number of world infections skyrocketed at that time.

China uses several different definitions of what coronavirus really is.

If the fifth version of the definition was used earlier, the number of cases would be far higher, the researchers concluded, using data from the World Health Organization.

“We estimate that on February 20, 2020, there will be 232,000 confirmed cases in China as opposed to 55,508 confirmed confirmed cases,” the researchers said.

Chinese officials have retroactively increased the number of deaths by the last 50 percent in Wuhan.

The Chinese Communist Party is also accused of destroying the corona virus sample to prevent countries such as the United States and Great Britain from developing an appropriate response in a previous time.

China has even been caught spreading disinformation about the origin of the virus, as far as promoting a conspiracy theory that the United States planted the virus in Wuhan, the previous American Military News reported.

“It does not report sustained transmission from human to human for one month to every province in China. “It censors those who are trying to warn the world, ordering a halt to testing of new samples, and that is destroying existing samples,” said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “The CCP has not yet distributed virus samples from inside China with the outside world, so it is not possible to track the evolution of the disease.”


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