Britain’s daily death toll has risen with 786 recorded deaths in one day | Instant News

The UK has recorded the highest number of daily deaths since the start of the coronavirus outbreak with 786 obituaries recorded in one day.

New figures were released on Tuesday shows that on 5 things. (noon ET) On Monday, 6,159 people hospitalized with the corona virus had died in the UK, up from 5,373 the day before.

As of Tuesday, the country had recorded around 55,242 cases of the disease.

The new Super Biden PAC ad highlights the Democratic coronavirus plan

WASHINGTON – The super PAC that supports Joe Biden will return to national air broadcast with new television commercials, this time focusing on Democratic plans to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

A 30-second spot from Unite The Pivots from another recent paid group message, which blamed President Trump for the way he handled the pandemic.

Instead, the ad asks what Biden would do differently, before describing elements of the previously announced plan, including making sure all states have at least 10 cellular testing sites, greater availability of safety care, free vaccines, and Obamacare’s extended registration period – something the Trump administration has recently ruled out.

The new ad will start airing earlier this week with cable broadcasts nationwide as part of a six-digit purchase, Unite the Country spokesman told NBC News.

The new investment is in addition to the previous seven-digit campaign previous ad, which states: “Crisis comes to every president. This one fails.”

The Biden campaign itself was largely not aired during the pandemic. Ahead of today’s Wisconsin primary, the campaign focus in the text and phone outreach to the voters there.

Last week, the super-pro-Trump PAC America First Action announced it would do so spent $ 10 million on ads that criticized Biden in swing condition.

More than 1,300 FDNY members have returned to work after fear of the coronavirus

About 1,310 members of the New York City Fire Department have now returned to work after being tested positive, exposed to, or suspected of having COVID-19, an FDNY spokesman said Tuesday.

Because not everyone who is sick can be tested, the exact number of those who have confirmed COVID-19 is impossible to ascertain. FDNY members who have returned to work include EMT, paramedics and firefighters.

As of Monday, the number of confirmed positive FDNY members was approaching 500. The number of FDNY members who had returned due to illness rose from nearly 200 who returned to work last Thursday.

“FDNY members responded to the record of the number of medical calls, and they continue to meet this unprecedented challenge directly,” said FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

Senator Rand Paul: ‘I have been retested and I am negative’

Photo: Long line in the Wisconsin poll

Voters waited in line, which stretched several blocks south of the polling location, at the Riverside Middle School in Milwaukee on Tuesday.
Wisconsin called on hundreds of thousands of voters to ignore orders to stay home in the middle of a pandemic to participate in Tuesday’s presidential election, a test case for dozens of states struggling to balance public health issues with the core pillars of democracy.
Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Sentinel Journal via Reuters

The main task force of the Trump coronavirus must work remotely after a positive COVID-19 test

Critical White House Units that obtain, send and distribute goods to fight the spread of coronavirus has been ordered to free up its war room and start working remotely after the group’s “partner” is positive for COVID-19, according to an e-mail the Federal Emergency Management Agency official sent to a staff member Monday night.

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Treasury prepares to ask for more money for small businesses

The Ministry of Finance is preparing an official request to Congress to get more funds for the “Paycheck Protection Program”, an unforgivable small business loan, a Ministry of Finance official confirmed to NBC News.

The request is expected to come today or tomorrow – less than a week after the application was opened for a $ 350 billion loan approved by Congress.

The official declined to give a number for an upcoming request but said the Treasury was working with the U.S. Senate. on the proposal. However, President Donald Trump said Tuesday he would ask for an additional $ 250 billion.

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would be with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to approve more funding for the program.

The Senate Dems unveiled proposals to increase payments to frontline workers

The Senate Democrats launched a draft proposal Tuesday that would increase wages to frontline workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., said during a conference call with reporters and other Senate Democrats that the plan would provide a premium wage increase for important workers to $ 25,000 from the beginning of the crisis to the end of the year. .

“That is equivalent to an increase of around $ 13 per hour,” Schumer said, adding that it would not only include medical professionals but also grocery store workers, pharmacists and more.

The proposal will also include a $ 15,000 incentive to expand medical personnel by recruiting new people to the industry or people who previously worked in the industry.

“This will be paid by the federal government, it will apply to state workers, local workers, private sector workers,” said Schumer, who said that Democrats want this wrapped in the next coronavirus aid package that Congress considers.

New York witnessed the ‘biggest one-day increase’ on Monday, Cuomo said

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that the state saw “the biggest one-day increase” in yesterday’s death at 731, but the three-day hospitalization rate declined.

Cuomo said at a press conference that deaths were increasing in New York, the country hardest hit by a coronavirus outbreak, because “people came to their peak” and had been using a ventilator for a while at this time.

New York has now seen 138,836 cases of coronavirus and 5,489 deaths, up from yesterday’s total of 4,758. The governor said ICU receipts were also “way down,” with only 89 new admissions yesterday.

Cuomo said the country currently has “more than enough beds available” in 90,000 beds, including 2,500 at the Javitz Center and 500 at USNS Comfort, which will now be converted to see coronavirus patients.. He also said “every hospital has what they need” when discussing personal protective equipment and ventilators.

The state is experiencing staffing problems, because medical workers fall ill and work too much.

The decline in the number of new cases and a reduction in the level of three-day hospitalization, however, is a sign that “social distance works,” Cuomo said, but for countries to think about reopening the economy on the road, it will need more testing.

He also said the federal stimulus plan was far less for the country than what was needed, saying the Congress Bill “gets worse when you read it.”

‘I’m nervous’: Kate Snow is caring for her husband who is suffering from coronavirus

Last Thursday afternoon, I was working on a Nightly News story about nursing homes when my husband, Chris Bro, mentioned that he felt unwell. He said he would take a nap, which is unusual at 4 pm. on Thursday. A few hours later, Chris came down looking terrible. I was busy preparing dinner and he said he wanted to eat so he joined us at the table. “Your eyes,” I said. “They look very strange.” His eyes framed bright red.

My next sentence is: “Something’s wrong. You have to go to the basement.”

Because I was traveling to work in March and I went to New York City from our suburban home, we worried that I might contract the corona virus. Our family has made a plan that if any of us is sick with a possible coronavirus, we will move to our room and install the bathroom in the basement.

Thursday night, Chris took a stack of books and headed down. He hasn’t left the room since.

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Photo: Tokyo’s bustling streets

People who wear face masks walk to work Tuesday in Tokyo. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday declared a state of emergency for a month after a sharp increase in confirmed corona virus cases. The state of emergency will allow the heads of the six designated prefectures and Tokyo to do more to strengthen the call for social alienation.Carl Court / Getty Images

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