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2020 has been a defining year for digital transformation in the workplace. The urgent shift to remote work has seen the world undergo two years of digital transformation in two months. New research from Microsoft Surface has examined the impact of this transformation on the UK workforce, finding that employees are happier, but are under more pressure to work from home – even though nearly 9 in 10 (87%) employees report their business has adapted to a hybrid. work.

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Howard Lewis, Surface Business Group Lead, Microsoft UK, at the release of Work Smarter to Live Better: new research that uncovers UK workforce expectations regarding hybrid jobs (Graphic: Business Wire)

Research, Work Smarter to Live Better, saw more than 4,000 UK office workers surveyed online via a YouGov survey, in addition to in-depth interviews with senior business leaders from across the UK. These findings have been analyzed in partnership with CIPD, the professional body for HR and human resource development. person

The mass adoption of hybrid work requires UK organizations to examine everything from employee benefits to training, roles and responsibilities and the technology at their disposal in order to operate successfully. Research has found:

  • The majority of UK organizations have stepped forward to prepare and support their workforce. 65% of employees agree that their organization has provided everything they need to work effectively from home. Of those whose organizations have a formal work from home policy, 63% disagreed that they felt pressure to return to the office, even though guidelines were permitted.
  • The new way of working has provided opportunities for the British workforce to live life at a different pace. 55% used their lunch break to focus on their personal lives and 56% reported increased levels of happiness working from home
  • However, many employees reported that they were doing more work than before. Nearly one in three (30%) reported an increase in their working hours while working from home, and more than half (53%) agreed that they felt they had to be available at all times.
  • As a result of this new pressure, for more than a third of people surveyed (36%), mental health and resilience resources were the most popular choices in choosing training to build remote work skills.
  • Employees miss seeing their coworkers in person, and opportunities for social interaction are a key driver of people’s decisions to go to the office if guidelines allow. For the majority (65%), socializing is what they miss most when working remotely.

Although companies in the UK are currently using a digital-first approach, few plan to have 100% of a long-term remote workforce. The most likely scenario is that most organizations will adopt a hybrid work model, where the workforce is divided between working remotely and working in an office. This discovery means organizations and employees must adapt to support hybrid work in the long term.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked the largest homework experiment we’ve seen in the UK. However, this is not working at home during normal times – many of these experiences have been treated as homeworkers and many people have faced additional stresses and anxieties.Therefore, it is very important for line managers to make sure people don’t overwork and to provide flexibility and support to anyone who is struggling with any aspect of working from home.

Senior leaders need to be role models for the behaviors they expect from others and businesses focus more on equipping managers with the people management skills they need to manage and support homeworkers and remote workers. Employers also need to do more to provide more flexible work opportunities to people whose jobs make them unable to work from home through the use of better practices such as flexible time, job sharing, and busy and annual hours. “– Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy, CIPD, the professional body for HR and human resource development

The CIPD recommends four areas of focus for UK organizations and human resources professionals:

  1. Supporting hybrid workers through sound human resource management: Design work processes to suit all locations, concentrating primarily on knowledge sharing, work coordination and team relations to drive performance and innovation.
  2. Ensure fairness of opportunity: Provides ongoing access to development and career conversations for all employees
  3. Prioritizing health and well-being: Ensures that employees are not overworked and reminds them of the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health and taking regular breaks, fresh air, and exercising.
  4. Offer a wider variety of flexible work options: Go beyond working remotely and see an introduction to a wider range of flexible work options such as job sharing, compressed hours, flexible start times and end times. Encourage flexibility from the start by hiring flexibly and making the right to request Flexible Work 1 day right.

“Flexible working takes on a new meaning, with remote working suddenly feeling ‘normal’. Employees have been empowered to think about where and how they are most productive, while employers are tasked with ensuring the tools they provide to their organizations are fit for today’s purposes. The ability to successfully support remote operations and distributed teams is now indispensable for business resilience and innovation, with technology playing a critical role. “Howard Lewis, Chairman of the Surface Business Group, Microsoft UK

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1 The total sample size of YouGov’s study was 4282 employees surveyed who worked in offices, of which 2,863 worked in offices and worked from home. Unless otherwise stated, the findings in the report relate to a sample of 2,863 who worked in offices and worked from home.

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