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The Royal Mint has released (4 May) a new £ 2 commemorative coin bearing in mind the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, which was celebrated in most parts of Europe on May 8, 1945.

VE (Victory in Europe) Day is one of the greatest moments in British history and the iconic image of VE Day only serves to remind us of the magnitude of events. Millions gathered in the streets to celebrate the end of the war in Europe, more than six years of fighting on the battlefield and closer to home finally ended. When the news spread to the streets of Nazi capitulation caused by the death of the German fuhrer, people entered spontaneous celebrations on the streets in England and throughout the world. There was an outpouring of joy and relief that the war in Europe was over and great hopes for a better future. Reconciliation and reconstruction can begin when the continent takes its first step towards lasting peace. But for others, it was a sad time, because they were allowed to contemplate those who had disappeared. However, for many soldiers, the war is not over, because the celebration is only temporary and the prospect of placement in the Far East and the Pacific beckons. This period of excitement was only a brief moment as a monumental task to rebuild the country and life that was awaited. For those who have lost friends, family and loved ones, the opportunity feels bitter.

Following the news of the German surrender, May 8, 1945 was declared a public holiday. With bunting hung from lampposts and pubs filled with beer, war-weary Britons can finally celebrate. People danced and hugged on the streets when excitement shattered social conventions. “This is your victory,” Winston Churchill said, paying homage to the British who remained not subject to bombing and extinction. In the end, a spontaneous crowd gathered in front of Buckingham Palace, thousands of celebrities who rejoiced to shout to see King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. They appeared on the balcony together with Churchill and Princess Elizabeth, she was in the uniform of Help for Women and Princess Margaret. Today, VE Day remains a memory for all who witnessed it. 75 years later, the Nation is grateful to the generation who gave so much and respected their passion and sacrifice.

The opposite of coins was made by Royal Mint designer Dominique Evans, who described the crowd of celebrities as they might appear that day. The light included in the design evokes a beam of light, a scene that is common in the sky during wartime. Except here, they became a ray of hope on the eve of VE Day, behind the façade of St. Cathedral. Paul.

The front side includes the fifth numismatic statue of HM Queen Elizabeth II, made by Royal Mint craftsman Jody Clark, who was introduced to all circulation and commemorations of British coins in 2015. An edge letter reads JUST TRIUMPH AND SORROW PROUD

Denom. Metal Weight Diameter Quality Maximum mintage
Two pounds Bi-metal 12 g 28.4 mm Uncle Shining Infinite
Two pounds 0.925 Silver 12 g 28.4 mm Proof 7,250
Two pounds 0.925 Silver 24 g 28.4 mm Proof 1,945
Two pounds 0.9167 Gold 15.97 g 28.4 mm Proof 661

The coins are available in several choices, from the base metal of the Brilliant Uncirculated base metal to pure silver metal, silver piedfort, and gold Proof. Brilliant Uncirculated Coins are presented in colorful folders, including printed narratives about anniversaries and vintage drawings.

Both versions of silver coins are presented in matte black box case accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Gold Proof quality coins are presented in polished hard wooden containers accompanied by certificates of authenticity. For additional information about these coins and others offered by Royal Mint, please visit them website.

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