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James Newman will represent great Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with “My Last Breath”.

He was chosen under new collaboration arrangements between British broadcasters, BBC and record label James, BMG.

And now we have collected 10 facts about James Newman. Let’s do it!

United Kingdom at Eurovision 2020: Facts about James Newman

1. He is from Yorkshire.

For second year running, British actions originated in the north of England, even though the area was different. James and his family come from Settle in the Yorkshire Dales National Park – an area of ​​famous natural beauty.

2. He starts with Babe

James began performing at school. And while he may be hanging out with the stars now, his role isn’t always so glamorous. When he was around six years old he starred in local production Babe Pig Sheep …and he plays the role of Babe! But that’s the point when he knows he likes to sing – “from Babe Pig Sheep it all came from me being my singer today.

He also has a pair of decks that he and his brother John use to build at home. “And then we will open the window, to the road and make it light. And all the neighbors will start.”

3. His brother is John Newman

Speaking of John, James is not the only Newman who really destroyed him in the music industry. His younger brother, John, has worked with people like Calvin Harris and Rudimental. He collaborated with the latter for his escape single “Feel The Love”. It is number one and is a strong favorite of the British music scene to this day. James has written for his brother on several occasions, notably his collaboration mentioned earlier with Calvin Harris “Blame”. That also goes to number one. John’s best-known solo song is “Love Me Again”, a pop belter inspired by Soul North and other number one.

4. He was influenced by Motown

In an interview with British commentator and chat, King Graham Norton, James revealed that he got into music because his mother would play Motown around the house when he was young. He stated that Diana Ross was a big influence on him.

5. He is a Brit Award winner

James has won the biggest prize in the British music industry – the Brit Award. He received an award for writing alongside the mega-hit “Waiting All Night” for Rudimental and Ella Eyre. The gong is for the 2014 British Single with Jonny Harris.

6. He is a Grammy nominated songwriter

The writing talent of the song has also been recognized internationally! James has been nominated for the most prestigious music prize – the Grammy award. Not once, but twice! The nod was for his efforts in writing songs for the 2018 LP Toni Braxton Sex & Gigarette and the 2017 Kesha comeback album Rainbow.

7. He wrote the song Eurovision before

James helped in an entry with Brendan Murray for Ireland in 2017 “Dying to Try”. While the track didn’t go well in the contest in Kyiv, this song still has a strong following on Twitter. The song itself is a moving ballad, with unique vocals from Brendan. He placed 13 in his semi, earning 86 points, only 15 points below Anja Nissen’s tenth placer.

8. He works with Armin Van Buuren

Most of James’ impressive achievements came from writing songs that contradicted his vocal, but his subtle tone of voice was shown on “Therapy” by internationally renowned Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren. With the temptation James wants to bring the banger if he returns (see below), we can’t help but wonder if we can expect something like this.

9. He is friends with Ed Sheeran

James is quite good friends with the world famous singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. When James wrote “Lay It All On Me” for Rudimental, Ed was a fan of the song so he personally asked James if he could supply vocals on the track. Not an offer that you can decline. This song rose platinum in many countries, including Britain, the United States and Australia, as well as in various countries throughout Europe.

10. The music video features his idol, Wim Hof.

When it came to recording James’s music video, he began working with the icon, Wim Hof. This extreme ‘ice-man’ athlete has a big fan at James, who spent time attending sessions with Wim before his election for Eurovision, taking part in many of the activities we see in the video. This clip features the Wim ice baths and walks through beautiful Polish forests adorned with snow, in just a short time.

Eurovision Update 2021

We are still waiting for confirmation from the BBC or James to confirm their participation in Eurovision 2021, but during the Twitter Question and Answer, James told Twitter users @CurtyLeeX that if he returned, he would bring a large prize. This will be a change from this year’s entry, a softer statement of love.

Could it be that James called in the new decade with the top ten difficult for England? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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