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LARBERT, Scotland, May 19, 2020 / CNW / – (TSX: NFI) Alexander Dennis Limited (“ADL”), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), one of the largest independent global bus manufacturers in the world, today announced a vision for bus transformation in great Britain which can see at least 10,000 new low, ultra-low and zero buses in service in the next 4 years, the first of them hit the road before the end of the year to maintain the benefits of lower pollution and cities with better air quality and The city has experienced coronavirus lockdown.

  • ADL proposes to maintain the benefits of lower pollution and better air quality when the British economy starts again
  • At least 10,000 new low, ultra low and zero emission buses built in the UK can operate in the next 4 years
  • This proposal that can be sent will have immediate benefits before the end of the year, cutting emissions by operating electricity on highways in the UK, near schools and in hospitals
  • This new clean bus can eliminate old diesel vehicles or increase capacity to allow social distance
  • ADL urges the British Government and delegated administration to accelerate the transition to cleaner transportation
  • British bus manufacturers save investment in the country and open up export opportunities for Global Britain

Coronavirus locking has demonstrated the ability to live in cities and cities free from chokehold traffic jams dominated by cars, because traffic volumes have been reduced while people stayed at home to protect the NHS and save lives. With more than 60% of UK road transport emissions in normal times caused by cars – compared to under 3% caused by buses – the result is a very poor improvement in air quality.

“There is strong public support to lock these benefits through and beyond post-coronavirus recovery to maintain a healthier environment and continue the fight against climate change,” said Colin Robertson, Chief Executive English the biggest bus builder, ADL.

“Along with active travel and other modes of public transportation, buses are an important part of the solution. As a society, we need to act immediately and provide benefits as quickly as possible to minimize the decline in air quality when the economy starts again.”

At least 10,000 new low, ultra low and zero emission buses made in the UK can operate in the next four years. Combining the various technologies available produces highly proposals that can be sent with immediate benefits.

New low and very low emission buses can be ready before the end of the year to take older buses with older diesel engines off the road or to offer additional capacity to facilitate social distance. These very low emission buses can produce zero emission electric self-contained reach capability – fully cutting emissions on high roads, near schools or in hospitals – without losing time for infrastructure planning and installation.

Work can begin in parallel to plan and develop infrastructure for zero emission buses, with battery electric buses available in volumes supported by proven expertise in launching a fleet. Hydrogen buses will play a role for routes that require additional coverage and they will be ready when the refueling infrastructure and sustainable green hydrogen supply have been put in place.

10,000 buses over four years will represent a return to a healthy level of investment in the modern bus fleet that has been seen so that the impact of previous government cuts has been felt in recent years. British bus manufacturers including ADL have the production capacity to meet this demand. Further investment to accelerate the decarbonization of transportation can create additional highly skilled jobs in world-class industries.

Colin Robertson said: “The initial pledge of £ 5 billion by the British Government for buses and biking acknowledged the need to invest in an active and sustainable travel model. Now this is more important than ever because the economy emerged from the effects of coronavirus.

“We urge the British Government and delegate the administration to accelerate the transition to cleaner transportation by accelerating funding destined for zero emission buses and ensuring the health benefits of a direct positive impact on air quality can be provided by low and very low emission buses that can be ready to work before later this year. “

Clean, spacious, and well-equipped buses will also function to convince passengers of safe travel – with the necessary social distance – to workplaces, high streets, shopping centers, and recreational activities, helping to restore the country’s economy.

As the largest bus manufacturer in the UK, ADL is ready to quickly deliver low, very low and zero emission buses. Employing 2,500 staff in the UK and supporting 12,500 further jobs in the wider supply chain, ADL’s production capacity in the UK reaches more than 1,500 buses per year can be increased to provide cleaner bus benefits on a large scale.

ADL offers the widest range of technology solutions on the market including low emission buses, hybrid ultra low emission electric ranges and zero emission batteries and hydrogen fuel cell buses.

Colin Robertson explains: “We support all the leading clean bus technologies and realize that one size does not fit all, which is why we have developed a choice of solutions that meet the needs and priorities of individual cities and operators – be they air quality targets, carbon reductions, interior spatial planning, acquisition costs, total cost of ownership, or a combination of these.

“We have invested tens of millions in innovation – our solutions are ready to be delivered on a large scale with the assurance that they will do what is needed.”

Bus manufacturing represents more than 10% of the total UK motorcycle industry workforce and bus manufacturers meet more than three-quarters of domestic demand, maintaining investment in the country. The British bus manufacturer is globally recognized for its innovation in low and zero emission bus technology, energy-efficient design, and passenger facilities. A healthy home market is crucial for the dynamic UK bus manufacturing industry because it enables it to export world class products and seize significant opportunities for Global Britain.

“ADL has a proud history of working with industry, not only for industry but for the nation,” said the ADL Chief Executive Colin Robertson.

“We have shared this proposal with senior ministers in the Governments of England and Scotland to show how our industry can lead a post-coronavirus economic recovery to provide health benefits for the whole country. The realization of our proposal can begin immediately, and can be increased. In size and ambition. to match the decarbonization targets of the council and the government. We are ready to give to the nation. “

Note to editor

  • 10,000 new clean buses for 4 years will approach the normal investment level. British operators have historically registered between 2,500 and 3,000 new buses per year, although in the last two years it has dropped to under 2,000 buses because of the impact of previous government cuts to support and socially needed services.
  • More than three-quarters of UK demand for buses is met by domestic producers, including ADL, maintaining investment in the country.
  • UK bus services require special types of vehicles such as double deckers which are not common in other countries and are therefore generally not offered by international suppliers. A healthy and vibrant domestic bus manufacturing industry is essential to prevent dependence on inappropriate imported products.
  • The UK bus manufacturing industry has been at the forefront of marketing efficient, cost-effective, low-emission, low emission bus technology to the market, often ahead of its development and placement in other countries.

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