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NEW YORK – (WIRE BUSINESS) – 21 May 2020–

Weeks 8 (11 to 13 May) results from the Real Time COVID-19 Sermo Barometer with 4,756 doctors revealed patterns of COVID-19 treatment among frontline doctors. In total, the Sermo Barometer study covers more than 42,900 survey interviews in 31 countries including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, and Australia. Complete data published to date and research methodology can be found here.

* The results provide a doctor’s observation, but are not a substitute for official medical guidelines or clinical trials.

Remdesivir Uses Grow, Especially in the ICU

● Overall, 25% of global doctors report using Remdesivir, up from 15% in mid-April.

● Uses in the United States are higher vs. ‘than all over the world; 29% vs 21%.

● In the US, the share of doctors using Remdesivir (29%) has increased by two-thirds since mid-April (17%) and currently almost half (44%) of US doctors treating critical patients in ICU have used Remdesivir, an increase of 25% in mid-April.

Previously Better with Remdesivir, but This Contradicts Official Indications

The current official indication for Remdesivir is for severe COVID-19. However, two-thirds (67%) of doctors believe that Remdesivir should be given earlier, for all moderate patients in the hospital before the symptoms become severe. More than three-quarters (77%) of doctors expressed confusion with official indications.

The surveyed doctor shared:

● “Official indications appear to exclude the period in which it would theoretically be most effective, during viral replication, that is, the initial stage of infection before clinical decompensation.”

● “All viral infections must be treated early, at the beginning, not later, when complicated.”

● “I’m not sure if we have to wait for respiratory failure to start treatment, or can we start faster to prevent development?”

● “If we wait too long to use it, the patient becomes too critical, and we cannot overcome the disease.”

Remdesivir looks only effective enough

As they develop a better understanding of viruses and drugs, Remdesivir’s physician ratings reveal a growing perception of treatment and reach a mutual agreement on the moderate effectiveness of remdesivir.


Nearly half of global doctors (48%) rated Remdesivir to be quite effective. When we examined the trend since mid-April, we noted that Remdesivir’s perception of being quite effective had increased from 37% to 48%, while perceptions of it being very effective and ineffective had declined.

US doctors do not fully buy Remdesivir

A similar trend is seen in the US, where more where more doctors use Remdesivir and more who see treatment as quite effective; however, they have a less positive Remdesivir outlook than doctors around the world. The impression of Remdesivir has a lower efficacy higher in the US vs. international. Only 18% of US doctors rated it very effective vs. 25% of doctors in other countries.

Perceived Efficacy and Safety of Various Treatments

Over the past five weeks in a row, about half of the global doctors surveyed stated that they considered Plasma to be the most effective and safe treatment for COVID-19.

This week’s perception of the safety and efficacy of Remdesivir remains the same, with only 25% of global doctors who find it very effective.

Perceptions of the efficacy and safety of Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir are very similar. Our data indicate that doctors consider Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir to be more effective earlier in the development of the disease.

About Real Time Barometers

Real Time Barometer is an observational study of the effects of COVID-19 outbreaks as reported by doctors with direct experience treating patients with COVID-19. Every week, thousands of doctors provide insights on various topics related to the global health crisis. To date, more than 43,000 doctors in 31 countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan and Australia, have participated in the Barometer.

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