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Did your local grocery store choose not to advertise alongside news that documented the deaths from the latest corona virus? Difficult, said the media and the British government.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a crisis for many media. People read more news to keep track of what is happening, but the stopping of business is turning off many advertisements. Advertisers who can still feel anxious about where their ads are placed: Some don’t want their products or services to be connected with bad news. But bad news brings eyeballs. Media outlets want to make money from coronavirus-related stories that drive so much traffic, but this advertiser blocks ads from articles that contain certain words, such as “death.”

Media lobbyist in the UK think the publication there lost as much as £ 50 million (around $ 62 million) because of this. Lobbyists encourage the US government to push, and maybe even need, advertisers allow their ads to be placed next to the coronavirus story.

That Guardian report:

The culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, said trusted news outlets were “the fourth emergency service at the moment because they provide news and information that is independent and verifiable to the public” and needs to be rescued, according to a letter seen by the Guardian.

He said new guidelines on how to reduce the impact of blocklists on news outlets were released by trade agencies last month but had not been widely implemented.

“If the use of industry guidelines is not proven to have a rapid impact, the government must consider all possible options for the benefit of promoting critical public service news during this national emergency,” Dowden said in his message to leading brands. , advertising agencies and technology platforms.

Security notes that it is “unclear” exactly how the government can force advertisers to place advertisements where they don’t want to. But given that Parliament did not see the problem give the government authority pretty much control movement and behavior from everyone in the UK during the pandemic, advertisers should care.

This would be an extraordinary violation of advertiser’s speech rights to force them to place advertisements where they don’t want them. And if advertisers really don’t want their products or services to be connected to these stories, isn’t it likely that the response will be reduced back about online advertising?

So what? Will the British government start to force businesses to advertise? Can advertisers be forced to promote their products or services next to clickbait op-eds designed for enrage and polarize? Can businesses be asked to cover coverage that they believe includes inaccurate information?

Especially rich is that British caregivers have struggled for years to do it Stop advertising for what it considers “fast food, “to fight the alleged” epidemic of childhood obesity. “This government push has certainly meant a loss of advertising revenue for British media outlets. Now the US has in fact epidemic in his hand, and some leaders want to mandate ad placement.

They just have to get out. Let the media industry make the case for advertisers. If advertisers are still reluctant, it is not a place for the government to force this problem.

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