Britain is now at the top of the global table for COVID-19 deaths per capita weekly – Slugger O’Toole| Instant News

With the story of Dominic Cummings dominating the front pages of English newspapers, data from our world in data shows that Britain has surpassed Sweden and Belgium to be the country with the most COVID-19 deaths per capita during the week ending 23rd May The graph below shows per capita deaths per week for the countries worst affected by this pandemic.

Data for the past week (ends at 23rd May) is expected for Northern Ireland because NISRA Weekly Deaths data have not been published for this period.

While the situation is rapidly deteriorating in Peru and Brazil can see Britain overtaken, at the time of this writing it is at the top of the table for per capita deaths, the same week that the government intends to continue to relax relaxed locking restrictions and start reopening schools.

In Northern Ireland, an average of five days of new cases has increased, with an average of 30 new cases per day over the 24th five daysth May, compared with 26 new cases per day for five days ending 19th May This was mainly driven by a large increase in cases in the Causeway Coast and Glens council areas, which are now council areas in Northern Ireland with the most number of new cases.

Across the island of Ireland, the municipal councils of Derry & Strabane and Fermanagh & Omagh are some of the areas with the most recent cases based on a minimum of five days; only County Kerry (0.14 cases per day) and County Sligo (zero new cases) had fewer. The table below shows the average number of five days of new cases per day in Ireland for the five days ending on the 22ndnd May (before the recent jump in new cases on the north coast).

With the credibility of the efforts of the British government to combat the current epidemic in disarray, the situation in the United Kingdom is bleak; now leads the world in terms of per capita mortality and is unable to break the curve like other European countries have.

Northern Ireland has fared better than Britain, and in most areas the number of new cases has been reduced to a handful of days. However, based on global standards, the situation is still bad. Northern Ireland has almost surpassed its ICU capacity at the height of the pandemic, which is one of the lowest in the developed world, and the crisis will almost never end.

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