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The robber convicted Elemer ‘Elmer’ Wright has been transferred to a British prison.

According to a brief statement from the Government Information Service, Wright, 26, was transferred “in the interest of national safety and security” on Saturday.

Wright, 26, was sentenced to two life sentences in January after being convicted of involvement in a crime involving four men in 2017 that began in West Bay and ended with a house invasion on Prospect.

Wright had to serve 18 years before being deemed eligible for a parole hearing, without a definitive release date.

Wright first proved guilty by Judge Roger Chapple of the robbery, the invasion of the house thwarted from West Bay Road, and the invasion of the house on Prospect.

In the Prospect incident, the husband and wife at home were tied to a chair, the husband was beaten with a hammer, and the couple was robbed of about $ 35,000 in cash and valuables.

Wright was also found guilty of having more than 100 rounds of ammunition and bullet proof vests.

He is only the second Cayman person to be sentenced to life in prison for a crime other than murder. Serial rapists convicted Jeffrey Barnes is the first. He served a minimum term of 21 years.

Wright’s transfer was authorized by the British and Cayman Islands governments under the Act of Eliminating Colonial Prisoners of 1884.

This law allows prisoners to be sent to England for various reasons, including situations where “the possibility of a prisoner’s life will be endangered or his health permanently injured by further imprisonment”.

The last two detainees to be transferred to a British prison were brothers of Osbourne Douglas and Justin Ramoon in 2017. Ramoon and Douglas were jailed for the murder of Jason Powery, a gang-related murder.

Wright’s transfer came days after Prison Director Steven Barrett denied social media reports that claimed prisoners rioted after two detainees tested positive for COVID-19.

Barrett said, as part of COVID-19 prison responses, following positive test results, prisoners have been locked up in their cells.

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