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Hyderabad: A number of students who have been accepted for a master’s degree in the United Kingdom (UK) in January have withdrawn their candidacy and returned to the city, because they find it difficult to financially support themselves during locking.
While some have to forget all their fees, others have received a partial refund.
“When we approach universities looking for financial assistance, what they say is ‘returning to our country … You might feel better there’,” said Sudesh, who joined the MSc Data Science program at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, in January .
Krishna, another student from the same university who returned in mid-May, said that his college offered to return 40% of the total fee – 10,000 pounds, if they withdrew from the course on April 26. “Three of us have withdrawn from the Course and returned to Hyderabad,” he said, adding that he would now look for work here.
Students say that they have paid between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds for a two-year course, which also includes a one-year internship, but they are now in a dilemma because the university does not provide assistance. They say they are not in a position to pay rent or broadband and food bills.
“Soon, we will be homeless and without food,” said Prateek, a Global MBA student from the University of South Wales, adding that when they pay 12,700 pounds as fees, universities must at least give them 500 to 750 pounds as an incentive. that they can survive for the next few months.
Some of them said that they would make a final call on whether or not to continue their studies in the next few months. “I can be suspended from the course if I don’t pay the pending fees immediately. At present, I am back in Hyderabad. It is up to them to wait or suspend. “I don’t have the money to pay for it,” said Dishan, who did his masters in Information Systems from Kingston University in London.
Sujatha Sridhar Thaladi, CEO, The Mentor Ring, an organization in the UK that works closely with students during locking and provides them with important matters and online mentoring, said that both universities and governments must support students during this crisis.
“There are no student support officers who contact students except the combined mail to all. Without part-time work and uncertainty about their future, students experience health and welfare problems, “said Thaladi.


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