More than 6 million people are confirmed to have COVID-19 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins| Instant News

More than 6 million have contracted COVID-19 worldwide on May 30, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

The United States leads the world with the most cases with more than 1.7 million. The country also passed a grim milestone earlier this week with more than 100,000 deaths reported related to COVID-19.

Countries such as Russia and the United Kingdom are trying to hold and group their COVID-19 cases because they are also trying to reopen.

Russia has the third largest number of coronavirus in the world with more than 387,000, following the US and Brazil.

Britain has begun to reopen schools and allow sports to be continued under social long distance guidelines. However, some experts warn against the country reopening too soon.

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When countries have begun to allow restaurants and businesses that are not essential to be reopened, it is still feared that a second wave of infection will soon occur.

“We are near the summit. And there are some peaks. We just hit the first one, in general, and we slid a little down, “according to Dr. Gabe Kelen, director of the Emergency Medicine Department at Johns Hopkins.

“We have just seen a small mini peak now, with maybe 1 to 12, 13, 15% of the population in some parts infected. So it’s inevitable that unless there is a vaccine in, there are still large swaths of people left to be infected before this is over. So the second wave is actually inevitable, maybe even the third and fourth waves, “Kelen said.

Amid the news that more than 6 million people have contracted COVID-19 worldwide, riots have occurred in major cities in the US after the death of George Floyd.

Floyd was arrested by police after someone called a man “under the influence” and sat in his car outside a local business. Vandalism and riots erupted in cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles and Minneapolis when protesters demanded justice for Floyd.

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The massive protest has raised fears of a new surge in coronavirus cases.

The Minnesota health commissioner had warned just days earlier that a large protest would almost certainly trigger a new case of the virus. Minnesota reported 35 deaths on Thursday, the highest one day since the beginning of the outbreak, and 29 others on Friday.

The Centers for Disease Control projected earlier this week that the number of deaths from the corona virus in the US would exceed 115,000 on June 20.

Projection created using data collected from 15 national estimates this week, with mortality rates varying from country to country. The forecast itself came from organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and UCLA. The amount depends on the assumptions made about future social distance measures.

In the absence of a larger order from the federal government about when the economy can be reopened, state and local leaders must navigate challenging challenges to revive their local economy and fight record unemployment rates while keeping their population safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19 .

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