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At least 125 violations of press freedom were reported by journalists across the US in the last three days of protest, said the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The independent non-profit said in a statement that the violations included 20 arrests and several journalist accounts beaten with tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets, and called on local and state authorities to stop targeting media workers.

“We are horrified by continuing to use strong and sometimes harsh police actions against journalists who do their work. This is a direct violation of press freedom, a fundamental constitutional value of the United States, “said CPJ Program Director Carlos Martinez de la Serna. “We ask local and state officials to explicitly release the news media from curfew regulations so that journalists can report freely.”

Hundreds of people were arrested on the bridge in Dallas protests

Nearly 200 people were arrested after police surrounded protesters in Dallas at Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, confronted them and fired what looked like rubber bullets, NBC DFW reported.

The police light the bridge at 7 pm Monday and locked up in protesters, who began their march in the nearby Frank Crowley Courthouse. Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall issued a curfew in some parts of the city for 7 pm, but the order did not include the courthouse or the bridge.

People started shouting at officers, that’s when the police started firing rubber bullets, according to NBC DFW.

Attorney General William Barr scoffed in protest

Arrests in Los Angeles are expected to reach hundreds after a day of protest

Police arrested more than 100 people throughout Los Angeles late Monday after a day of protests across the region, officials said. The total number of arrests is estimated at hundreds, police said.

Curfew was reinstated in the region after several days of looting, violence and fires in the following days Dead from George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. Looting hit the Van Nuys part of the city on Monday, NBC Los Angeles reports, and in Hollywood around 50 people were seen being arrested for curfew violations, the station reported. On Sunday the looters destroyed the shop and burn in Santa Monica.

Monday night’s arrests were in addition to more than 700 that were carried out on Sunday night. About 70 of those arrested involved suspicion of theft and looting, said LAPD chief Michel Moore earlier.

Floyd’s death was “inhumane” and demanded justice, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said earlier. Even so, the destructive actions of some who seek to “exploit this moment” should not overshadow efforts to find justice, he said.

Peaceful protest at the site of Floyd’s death

The protesters sat together at the crossing where George Floyd was killed a week ago, in Minneapolis on June 1, 2020.Daniella Silva / NBC News

MINNEAPOLIS – Hours after George Floyd’s brother visited the crossing where his sibling died a week ago while in police custody, hundreds of people continued to guard in peace and protested until Monday night.

Some hug and others hold their fists in the air around the memorial, which holds a circle of flowers and marks.

One protester holds a poster that says, “I don’t need to fear the future of my black children” and another says “Stop killing my black brothers and sisters”

“He is a person from the community,” Samantha Eillagrana, 18, said of Floyd. “That could be anyone.”

“I think it’s amazing how everyone came here for him.”

NBC News’ Jo Ling Kent was hit by fireworks during a chaotic Seattle protest

Police in Seattle declared the demonstration rioting after people in the crowd threw stones, bottles and fireworks at officers and tried to pierce the barricade, police said.

Police were seen using tear gas in the Capitol Hill neighborhood late Monday after what was said to be a peaceful protest after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

The barricade that some people tried to break was a block from the police station, police said.

Episcopal bishop ‘deeply offended’ by Trump using the Bible, the church as a ‘buffer’

Washington’s Episcopal bishop criticized President Donald Trump on Monday night, saying that it was “very offensive” for him to use “the church as a background and the Bible as a buffer” for the previous hour’s photo-op.

Right Priest Mariann Budde, whose diocese includes the St. Episcopal Church John, historic across the White House, said he was not given news that Trump would pose for photos outside the historic house of worship some time after vowing to use military force to end violent protests.

“I was sitting at home watching the news when I saw the picture” Trump, said Budde MSNBC “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.”

US Park Police and the National Guard use smoke and bangs to drive peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square and the surrounding streets, allowing Trump clean lanes to walk across the street to St. Episcopal Church John, which was damaged by fire in a protest late Sunday.

“He holds, in his hands, the most sacred texts of our Jewish and Christian traditions – texts that call us to love God and love others, which states every human being to be God’s beloved child,” said Budde.

“He was preceded by a harsh purge from nonviolent protesters to make his way. And he uses our church as a background and the Bible as a buffer in a way that I think is very offensive.”

Officers were hit by a vehicle during a protest in Buffalo, New York

A New York State police officer and a Buffalo police officer were hit by a vehicle during a protest in the city Monday night.

The two officers were taken to the Erie County Medical Center with serious injuries but in stable condition, said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

In a the video which had circulated on social media, officers were seen rushing to help the victims after the truck passed through the crowd.

The police are at the scene outside the E-District station department where people gather to protest the murder of George Floyd.

New York police made arrests when looters hit Macy’s iconic store

Military helicopters fly low over protesters in Washington, D.C.

When protesters march through metro Washington, D.C. on Monday night, what appeared to be military-level helicopters flew overhead.

In photos and videos posted on social media, reported Blackhawk helicopters can be seen flying lower than the height of buildings, kicking debris and uprooting tree branches. Low-flying helicopters are reportedly used to disperse protesters.

The LAPD head walked back commenting about looters having a hand in Floyd’s death

Los Angeles police chief Michel Moore responded to comments on Monday that looters were likened to Minneapolis officers involved in the death of George Floyd.

“His death was in their hands, as was the case with the officers,” Moore said in a briefing on civil unrest in L.A.

A few hours later, Moore clarified via Twitter: “Let me be clear – there are 4 police officers and 4 themselves responsible for the death of George Floyd. To put it simply: Those who intend to spit disorder and disorder into our community are a disgrace to his memory.”

Moore’s boss, Mayor Eric Garcetti, said that he appreciated the chief’s new comments: “The responsibility for George Floyd’s death rests solely with the police officers involved. Chief Moore regrets the words he chose tonight and has clarified them. ”

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