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The order authorized the Public Health Commissioner to provide emergency addresses containing emergency workers to emergency workers.

ST PAUL, Minister – Governor Walz Team has issued Emergency Executive Order 20-32, which authorizes the limited distribution of public health information from the Commissioner of Public Health to first responders and the Department of Public Safety.

According to a release from the Minnesota State Executive Department, emergency personnel will be given an address containing individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are still contagious.

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This release says no identifying information will be shared outside of a person’s address, and the address can only be shared with the Department of Public Security (DPS), 911 operators and first responders.

Governor Walz believes this will enable these emergency workers to socially distance themselves, and take care of their own health, while preventing the spread of COVID-19.

This release states that only addresses of individuals whose Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has been detected as having COVID-19 will be distributed.

MDH is required by this order to notify DPS when it is certain that the address no longer contains an infectious individual, at which time the DPS is required to delete information from their database.

Emergency workers and public safety workers who receive joint health information can only use that information as long as they protect their own health and the health of their colleagues.

The order remained in effect until Walz’s former peacetime emergency declaration (issued as Executive Order 20-01) “was stopped or canceled by the appropriate authorities.”

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The full press release obtained by KARE 11 can be seen below, describing Walz’s new order.

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The state of Minnesota has set up a hotline for general questions about coronavirus at 651-201-3920 or 1-800-657-3903, available from 7am to 7pm.

There is also an online data portal at mn.gov/covid19.

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