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Three former employees of youth house in Michigan was charged in the death of 16-year-old black boy who died last month after a man sat on his chest, stomach and legs in an attempt to restrain him.

In the autopsy report published on Wednesday, the Kalamazoo, the medical examiner ruled asphyxiation death of Cornelius Fredericks’s murder. The examination revealed it was a result of “restraint asphyxia,” caused by a few people, using his weight to pin the boy down.

Fredericks, apparently, kept them about 12 minutes after throwing a piece of bread on the floor at the Academy on the lake, where he lived, according to the investigation, officials of the state.

The attorney for his family said Fredericks repeatedly shouted: “I can’t breathe”.

When he began to respond, the state investigation found that work at home, which houses children in foster care or the juvenile justice system failed to perform CPR and waited another 12 minutes to seek medical help.

Thirty hours later, Fredericks suffered a heart attack and died in hospital on 1 may.

As Radio Mi reports:

“[Michael Mosley and Zachary Solis] before the murder charges to manslaughter charges (crimes that carry up to 15 years) and two second-degree charges of ill treatment of children, each of which carries up to 10 years. [Heather] McLogan faces manslaughter and one charge of cruel treatment of children”.

Fredericks became a ward of the state after his mother died in his sleep and his “father was not in a place where he was able to take care of Cornelius and the family is unable to care for him,” Jonathan Marco, the lawyer representing the Fredericks family said The Detroit News.

The boy’s family filed a lawsuit against the Academy of the lake and its parent company for $ 100 million, claiming negligence.

“The cry of Cornelius ‘I can’t breathe not enough to get employees to stop excessive restraint,” said Marco.

According to the complaint filed Monday.” [state] The Department of health and human services has a long list of complaints that it has investigated and addressed in respect of employees of the defendants improperly manage situations with residents at the Academy lakeside”.

Geoffrey Fieger, another lawyer working for the family, says that the owners of the lake Academy, a sequel youth refused to share the video of the incident.

“It is time for the criminals to clean water,” Fieger said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the continuation says that he could not comment on the court case. “Nevertheless, we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Cornelius and acted swiftly to terminate all employees involved,” the statement says.

“We strongly support the decision of the public Prosecutor about excitation of criminal case, which was based on a very thorough law enforcement investigation,” the statement reads. “It was a tragic and senseless incident.”

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