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US army flooded with first national virtual recruitment campaign, which will be held from 30 June to 2 July. Goal army recruitment 10000 citizens in the service for three days. Special bonuses of up to 45000 $, or College debt relief programs up to $65,000 will be available for qualified professionals. Those who join the campaign can claim an additional bonus of$2,000.

Veteran South Carolina and military leaders gathered together to discuss the benefits of the campaign on Friday. Wear it lower Richland school gear during the conversation the chief military officer of the U.S. and a native of South Carolina, Lieutenant General Bruce Crawford, spoke about the importance of the new wave of employment opportunities and the cost of military service.

“The army has about 66 specialties in the field of new technologies. These fields will give our military personnel valuable skills of leadership and much needed skills when they decided to leave the army,” he said.

LTG Crawford also speaks to the fact that the army had personally done for him in his 33 years of experience: “the army is a diverse group and history are different. I came from a single parent home in South Carolina. When I heard this call, I stayed, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Colonel, U.S. army retired and Director of the South Carolina DMV Kevin Shwedo, spoke about the work on informing the public about the capabilities of the army during a recruitment campaign. He said proudly continues to serve the army after retirement and has strong opinions about the effectiveness of American soldiers during and after service.

“The US army is the most dominant land forces the world has ever seen, point blank, period. We produce the best soldiers, the best soldiers and the best active members of society, when your time in the army ends. South Carolina is proudly public works, and I believe that efforts to recruit staff here will be good and will be a great benefit for the campaign of recruitment of the army.”

Shwedo statements supported by evidence. The US army produced some of the most renowned fighters of all time. Some of the most famous include Alvin York, Audie Murphy, General officers, like Patton, MacAurther and Esinhowner, and more than a dozen U.S. presidents – more than any other kind of troops.

Since there are other options on the table, a difficult question was asked: “why should I join the army?” Recruiting battalion Columbia CSM Matthew Hughes has made it perfectly clear.

“The army sets you up then for a career. I knew I wanted more, to increase your knowledge and see what the world was really like to be a part of something bigger. Here I am, 23 years later, and I never looked back,” said Hughes.

LTG Crawford added: “I have great respect for the other branches but the army is twice the size of all other services. It means we have more options and opportunities for our soldiers to prepare them for a career in the army, or adjust them for success after service.”

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