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“He not only healed others, he healed himself,” Sheneen McClain said. “He knew how to accept love and give love in different forms.”

Elijah McClain also played the violin and guitar and was a lover of animals. He loved animals so much, he spends lunch time was playing the violin for animals at a local shelter, according to the lawyer of the family McClain Marie Newman.

“He was part of a very close family. His family misses him unbearable,” said Newman.

Now his face on the frescoes around Aurora, a suburb of Denver. It was there that Elijah McClain died in August last year after clashes with police in Aurora.

The 911 caller described a “suspicious person,” according to a review of police incident. The confrontation led to one officer placing McClane in a carotid, or choke hold. McClain suffered a heart attack while in the ambulance and was declared brain dead three days later.

After nearly year family members and community activists who are calling for justiceThe Governor, Jared Polis announced last week his administration will review cases. These officers have also been reassigned in the “non-entry into force” of the duties or administrative tasks, such as documents.
“It should not have escalated from suspicious phone call to my son dying,” Lawayne Mosley, father, McClane said The CNN affiliate KMGH-TV. “I have to get grandchildren from him.”

Mom says she no longer knows who to trust

McClane was walking home after buying iced tea from the store on August 24, 2019, according to KMGH.

He was wearing a ski mask at the time, his family said partner because he was “weak and got cold easily.”

After receiving the “suspicious person” call, the three white officers stopped McClane.

McClain resisted the officer contact, the police report said, and a struggle ensued. On one of the cameras of the officers ‘ body, McClane heard, saying, “I’m an introvert, please respect the boundaries that I say.”

Elijah McClane'the family becomes the investigation into his death, they searched for almost a year

Camera body shows McClane told the officers that he was trying to stop my music to listen to them, then they begin to arrest him. One officer was heard telling another, “he just grabbed your gun, dude.”

The video shows the officer McClane to wrestle to the ground.

At one point during the struggle, the officer heard McClain says: “If you’re going to indulge, I’m going to bring my dog and he the dog will bite”.

The officer placed McClain in a choke hold, and he briefly lost consciousness, according to a review of the incident to the police. They released the hold, the report said, and he again began to fight. When the paramedics arrived, they administered ketamine to calm McClain, said in a statement. He was taken to hospital where he died.

An autopsy has not determined the cause of death, but these intense physical exertion and narrow the left coronary artery as factors, according to a survey of police. The coroner found the amount of ketamine in his system must be the therapeutic amount.

After several weeks of protests, there is a real reform of the police is unlikely to

There was no official definition as McClane died, and Adams County district attorney Dave young told CNN last week that is one of the main factors not the case.

“In my business, I can’t take the case to court, we don’t know the answers to these questions,” young told CNN Chris Cuomo on Thursday. “I can’t take the case to court, where I don’t know what the cause of death is murder.”

Attorney General Phil Weiser will now investigate the death of Macklin’s by order of the Governor. The city of Aurora plans to conduct a separate investigation into the actions of emergency services in the case.

Sheneen McClain told KMGH in September she loved Aurora and respects all doing their job. She said that even trust in the police, until the night her son died.

Now, she said, “I don’t know who to trust.”

Sheneen McClain wanted to share photos of your son in the hospital after his confrontation with the police, because, Newman said, people should watch the horror of racism directly in the eye.

“She shared their intentions,” said Newman.

Protests erupt over death of McClain.

Activists and family members call for justice in the death of Macklin’s. His case attracted attention in connection with the recent death George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks in the hands of the police.

More than 2 million people have signed a petition calling for officials to conduct a new investigation into the death of McClain, which led to the call of the Governor to review the case.

“Last year we stood on the steps of the municipal center with the requirement to inspect and what do we hear next? Crickets,” Newman, McClain family lawyer, said on Thursday CNN’s don lemon. “Why has it taken almost a year, international attention of the mass media, millions of people to sign a petition for a responsible adult to finally step up and do what was supposed to happen from the beginning?”

Said Newman funny that the autopsy report was not the cause of death.

“When the opening was attended by two employees of the police Department, “Aurora”, two members of the district attorney’s office, and she leans back to say everything except the truth,” Newman said lemon.

And Newman attributed the lack of evidence officers to oust their camera bodies which she believed to be intentional. All three came when the staff decided McClane, and three times in the video, people said to remove or disable the cameras, she said.

The protests did not stop after the death of Macklin’s. Recently, the demonstrators called the shutdown of interstate 225 on Saturday.

Interim chief of police of Aurora Vanessa Wilson said the community is reeling from the death of Macklin, who said she “was not only a beloved son, brother and friend, but also a valuable member of our community.”

“I heard from our community, and I listened to today,” Wilson wrote. “Their voices are not falling on deaf ears. I dedicated a real reform, as every good officer here today.”

Si-EN-EN Leslie Perrault, Madeline Holcomb and brad parks contributed to this report.


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