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Columbus, WIS. – In Committee on Tuesday the whole meeting, city of Columbus Alder is scheduled to vote on whether to remove a controversial statue of Christopher Columbus during the regular Council meeting.

The decision comes a few weeks after The petition of Columbus high school to remove statue on highway 16 gathered momentum at a time when such States come under fire across the country.

“I don’t think we had that kind of statue,” said Adams in the part of the public comment meetings. She said that Christopher Columbus symbolizes did not have to submit their city – something other young people, speaking at the meeting was behind as well.

“I hope to live here forever and raise their future children. With that being said, in Columbus does not reflect the ideals and hateful acts Christopher Columbus made and presented,” the upcoming Columbus school Junior Cora Dahl said. “Columbus is a beautiful and kind and hospitable. Why being overshadowed by an old statue with chipping paint and overgrown with weeds and ideals of the past?”

Others at the meeting place to preserve the history of the statue and not condemn a person 500 years ago by today’s standards.

“We stand for the preservation of the monument, because Christopher Columbus was a very decent strong Pro-American Indian man, and he is a real hero. We should be proud of the fact that” Columbus resident John Walz said. “If we go in panic mode unleash like everything that is happening across the country, you can be sorry for that later.”

“Give him enough time to think about what you are going to do, do it with a lot of thought and discussion that is not happening now,” Jack Sanderson, also a resident, said. “I don’t think the allegations are true based on what I know.”

“I would argue that while we don’t know if he was the one responsible for the atrocities that occurred, he certainly made a precedent for our country, how to treat millions and millions of native Americans,” says Adams. “I think that having this character outside of our city, which not sets the tone for what our city of Columbus is like.”

While several community members at the meeting expressed a desire for more time or even a city-wide referendum in deciding the city’s alder decided to schedule a vote on the removal of the statue on July 7 at a meeting of the Council, in particular, to prevent the statue can be removed illegally. Mayor Michael Toma said he knows about the threats made to the statue.

If the Council voted to remove the statue, the Alder will discuss the options for their future.



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