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Aurora, Colorado. (CBS4) – Almost a year Lawayne Mosley, father Elijah McClainwas the fight for justice for his son.

“Now that he’s in front of you can’t side step it. Sorry that it took this long, but we are still struggling every day because we want justice,” said Mosley.

Lawayne Mosley (credit: CBS)

Adding to the tragedy of his family and the new charges that we took in October last year, three police officers-Aurora photos reproduce choke that was used on his son shortly before his death, and that they did so on the website now memorializing the 23-year-old McClain.

“I haven’t seen them,” Mosley said, referring to the photo. “Cowards, cowards, I hope you get what you deserve.”

The chief of police of Aurora Vanessa Wilson says she was aware of pictures on Thursday. Despite sitting down with CBS4 on Monday afternoon, she did not say anything about the internal investigations Department. A few hours later, CBS4 investigator Brian Maass reported information from multiple sources.

(credit: CBS)

Wilson was immediately released the following statement after these reports

On Thursday afternoon, I was aware of the charges in the internal Affairs of the police of Aurora claiming several police officers of Aurora was photographed near the place where Elijah McClain died. All employees were immediately placed on administrative leave with pay for non-performance capacity.

I immediately ordered internal Affairs to make the investigation their top priority. It has accelerated the investigation was completed this evening.

This investigation will be published in full promptly after its conclusion. This will include reports received photographic evidence, names of officers, and my final decision, which may rise to the level of termination.”

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Marie Newman’s family lawyer, McClain says this is a new low for the police Department of Aurora.

“People in Aurora should be petrified, if this is the type of people who are meant to protect and serve them”, she said.

(credit: Aurora)

Mosley says officers take pictures, and those involved in his son’s death need to be prosecuted and that he will not stop fighting, until they cease to wear the badge.

“We’re tired, if we’ve come for you cowards, we’re not gonna take it anymore”, he said.

Press Secretary of the Aurora police Department said that on Tuesday morning all the officers were presented with official notification of pre-disciplinary action from the interim head.

They are then given up to 72 hours from the moment when they received their notice, to refute the decision of the chief. If the employee decides to challenge the decision, and the chief defends his findings, officers are then given 10 days to request a revision of the collective within the city.

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