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Harrisburg the Pennsylvania Department of labor and industry (l-I) – Secretary Jerry Oleksiak has announced that people who exhaust their regular unemployment compensation (UC) and the Federal pandemic emergency unemployment benefits (PEUC) can now qualify for 13 additional weeks of payments from the state unemployment benefits program.

Extended benefits (EB), additional benefits of unified communications payable to qualified workers when the unemployment rate reaches a certain level defined by law. The last time the program was called B. in Pennsylvania was in 2009.

The current EB period began on 3 may 2020, but the benefit is not paid until the person has exhausted PEUC benefits. EB payments will commence with the week ending 4 July 2020 and are made only for weeks of unemployment during the B. period.

Important information about the EB should be sent by mail to all persons potentially eligible for additional benefits.

You may be eligible for EB, if

–You are fully or partially unemployed;

–You have exhausted their regular state benefits in the last UC claim, or your latest UC benefit year; and

— You have received the maximum number of PEUC that you had a right to.

How to get EB?

–If you reach the maximum number of PEUC that you have the right to receive notice of EB financial determination will be mailed to you.

–You must complete your weekly certification online be in the order of p. B. during the week that you are unemployed or underemployed.

–Each EV online certification corresponds to one particular week, as specified on the web form. Individuals who prefer to use paper of the form of action should only use the form that is specifically dedicated to the week of unemployment you are applying.

— If you do not receive your financial decision within two weeks after receipt of the final payment PEUC, call the UC service center in 1-888-313-7284.

EB weekly benefit amount

–EB weekly benefit the same as a regular Yak.

–The total amount of EB that you can get 50 percent of the amount of regular UC you were financially eligible to receive their last claim. Example:

–If You were financially eligible for 26 weeks of regular UC you may receive up to 13 weeks of EB.

–There is one more test salary to obtain the EB, so not all people will qualify for financial.

–EB can be paid during the week ending during the B. period.

–If you have the right to trade readjustment allowances, you may receive fewer weeks of EB.

EB currently fully Federal-funded through families first act of response to the coronavirus, public law (pub. L.) 116-127, in particular, Division D, state of emergency on unemployment insurance stabilization and access act 2020 (EUISAA).

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