All North Carolinians live and work in nursing homes will soon have a one-time test for the coronavirus, the government announced Tuesday.

Mendy Cohen, senior public health officer, said the state’s efforts to force the tests will be carried out from July to mid-August.

“We know that this virus is more cruel to those who are older than 75,” Cohen said at a press conference. “I was looking for today studies that show, unfortunately, the mortality rate in people over the age of 75 years and ranges from 15% to 17%, so we know how important it is to protect our elderly people here in North Carolina when they are in a nursing home or not.”

She said her Department will cooperate with Omnicare CVS for the test approximately 36,000 of nursing home residents and 25,000 employees in over 400 locations throughout the state.

When possible, a summary of health care will bill insurance companies. North Carolina Department of health and human services to cover any additional costs of the test. No total cost estimate was immediately provided.

The latest data on the state recorded by the public health Agency shows 4,440 laboratory-confirmed 64,670 state in cases of a coronavirus occurred in nursing homes, as of Tuesday morning. Information about going to live in 24,730 cases missing.

While the nursing home for only 7% of the COVID-19 cases, in North Carolina, they account for almost half of the total number of deaths across the state. In 1,343 deaths, 660 came from nursing homes, or 49%.

On Tuesday, North Carolina was 908 people currently hospitalized, which is just short of the high mark 915 struck exactly a week ago. While Cohen remains concerned about the steady rise in syndrome cases and hospitalization, she was confident that the state is doing better than some of its neighbors.

“What we see are cautionary tales from other States around us,” said Cohen. “Where they see spikes cases, we see that increased, but as for me, but we don’t see spikes.”


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