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“Sometimes I would go just to talk to him, and he will always give advice,” said Harris. “He said that I should never give up, always persevere”.

Harris, Ganta was a mentor and a friend who loved Clementines and the Cleveland Browns with the same passion.

“He was a die-hard fan of the Cleveland Browns. Even when they were one and 15, he was rooting for them,” said Harris.

Loyalty Ganta extended to their constituents, their friends, and those whom he inspired to take the path of public service as a Rochester city Council Malik Evans.

“As a child, I knew him as Mr. Gant,” said Evans. “Gant was a close family friend Evans was known for most of his life.”

“I’ve been around the political process as a child watching him run around to meetings, watching him, to help other candidates, and then I ended up working in his office,” said Evans.

And David Gant he knew that this was not just a great politician. He was a great man who took a portion of their constituents at a different level, for example, when Gant came to the middle of the inner of the incident.

“The woman was going to go after a guy with a knife because he was doing something he had no business [doing], ” Said Evans. “And David Gantt in the day when she died, she said he [Gantt] saved my life, because I probably would be in jail if he hadn’t intervened.”

The stories of his personal effects are endless, and it worked so much impact on those who loved him.

“Sometimes you have to peel the onion and get to know the man and I was lucky that I was able to do it,” said Evans.

This is the man who inspired Evans’s life to public service, first at school then in the city Council. And this man, Evans says he will be missed.

“I think that guy was one of the toughest exteriors, but when it comes to helping people in the list. I mean the list is too long,” Evans said.

Evans says it can be things Gant did behind the scenes, that may be the measure of a man, to help countless children go to College, to send cards for birthday for elderly people in his neighborhood. Everyone says that his life is really his legacy.

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