City officials said that the organizers of the event to draw black lives matter painting Austin-East school did not have permission.

Knoxville, Tenn. Head of the Knoxville black lives matter started to paint a mural in front of Austin-East high school on Saturday morning.

Officials from the city of Knoxville said that they do not have permission for the project. However, the mayor of Indya Kincannon she said she would personally participate in painting the mural, if the project has received permission from the city.

Part of the criteria for projects to receive documents of public support through a petition of at least 80 percent of the residents on the project street, within two standard city blocks, according to city officials.

Officials with the Knoxville, said they received petitions signed by residents both for and against the project. Many others have also said they want to see a picture of the life of blacks movement of matter, but on a different street.

Causes of events in Knoxville, tn at the black coffee of justice on Saturday, July 4, 2020 463 people interested and 155 people is going.

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The day before, members of the Black lives matter movement says that they received the order to retreat orders from the police Department Knoxville. They also said that the place of the painting was important because Austin-East high school is a predominantly black school.

Members of the movement also said that the purpose of the film was to help fight systemic racism.

“Historically, this is proven when you go to change, they are angry about what so and not changing, people would rather kill you,” said Constance every event organizer. “So, it is a reality, we need to be aware of.”

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