Senator Sherrod brown of Ohio is pushing the former Vice-President to allocate resources for the state, the perennial political battles that, after a dismal showing Mrs. Clinton, many Democrats have concluded from their hands.

“Ohio was one of the pioneers to 2016,” Mr. brown said, claiming that Ohioans, in contrast to the Sun belt voters, who supported only the Republicans could be lured back because they voted for Democrats like Mr. Biden.

Advisers to Mr. Biden say that he needs only 270 electoral votes to win, and that is their first goal. Their caution reflects the sobering possibility that in the end, none of the conservative leaning States will turn over to Mr. Biden, and that his conduct in Florida and critical States of the Midwest is more complex than the polls show right now.

“When you look under the hood, we are ahead in most battleground States, but we expect them to tighten, because the state of the battle in a fairly polarized electorate,” said Ms. O’malley Dillon.

While aides to Mr. Biden to assess the landscape, Mr. trump to understand where he thinks the race is headed.

Last week the President spent a little more than $150 000 on television advertising in Michigan, where polls have him trailing significantly, while he poured more than $1.3 million in advertising in Georgia and more than $600,000 in Ohio, where polls show a neck-and-neck, according to advertising Analytics.

No state offers such a great temptation, and the potential payouts, such as Texas, with its increasingly Democratic and diverse urban centers. For its importance in the presidential race, Texas, gives house Democrats more pickup opportunities than any other state and the prospect of claiming a majority of seats in the House of representatives and the state Supreme court, which could prove pivotal for the districts.

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