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A small plane with six aboard crashed in the back yard in a residential part of the city in Utah on Saturday afternoon, sending a fireball hundreds of feet into the air, the official said.

Official, officer Jennifer Worthen, a press-the Secretary of the Department of West Jordan, said that the accident was caused by “multiple injuries and possible victims”, but it does not provide specifics at the press conference.

She said that the plane crashed in the yards of two houses and damaged three houses in West Jordan, which is located about 15 miles South of salt lake city. Authorities responded to a call about the accident around 1:40 p.m. local time.

One person who was in one of the houses at that time was wounded, officer Worthen said. Several people were taken to nearby hospitals.

It is unclear how many people were in the houses at the time of the disaster.

The plane took off from a regional airport, South valley in salt lake city, which is less than five miles from the scene of the accident.

“This community well enough to try to help pull people out of the house and out of the plane,” she said. “It was a joint effort. The call came very quickly regarding the crash”.

Terry Robinson, 68, called 911 after she and her family first heard and then saw the accident.

“It’s scary,” said Mrs. Robinson. “We were in the neighborhood for a long time, so we know a lot of people.”

The fireball rose in the backyard, she said.

“It was red, hot,” she continued. “You could see the fire rise into the air, and then it was just black smoke.”

Piper aircraft PA-32, said Allen Kenitzer, a spokesman for the Federal aviation administration. A. F. A. and the national Council on transport security will investigate, he said.

In the area where the plane crashed about 40 years, said Dirk Burton, the mayor of West Jordan. Many of the residents are original homeowners, and know each other well, he said.

When crashed, the neighbouring communities, including in South Jordan, pitched in to help.

“The circumstances, as we see the good in people and the power of the people to make the best of a bad situation,” he said.

Mr. Burton said that small planes often flew from a nearby regional airport and crashed in the area before, but none of them has been damaged house.

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