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In prepared remarks, Barra, which were provided to CNN by the Ministry of justice on Monday, the attorney General says that he is acting independently from the President, Donald trump the decisions he made in several criminal cases he had handled.

“Since then, as I made it clear that I’m going to do everything I could to get to the bottom of serious violations involved in the bogus ‘Russiagate’ scandal, many Democrats in the Committee have tried to discredit me and to come up with a story that I just the President of the Factotum who dispose of criminal cases in accordance with his instructions. According to the letter the invitation on hearing that, seems to the agenda,” says Barr in their written comments.

Testimony, Barra on Tuesday it before the legal Committee of the house of representatives, where the Democrats accused him of committing numerous violations. It comes after he failed to appear for a hearing before the Commission last year and in March the date was postponed. Democrats plan to nominate Barr for his intervention in the prosecution of two trump card of the allies, his move last month to oust prominent and influential attorney of the United States, and the Ministry of justice to use force against protesters Barra threats to the state and local authorities for their handling of the coronavirus. Said Monday the lawyer of the Democratic Committee reporters that democratic lawmakers will seek paint Barrel just cancel career employees to serve the interests of the President.

Barr also faced questions about his role in the administration of the dispersal of protests across the country that followed George Floyd killing in may, including the decision on the violent dispersal of a peaceful demonstration at Lafayette square in June and dispatching Federal officers in Portland, Oregon, where demonstrators clashed with authorities the night outside the complex of Federal buildings.

In his opening statement, Barra said that the President “tried to intervene” in criminal decisions that he took, which would include reduced sentence recommendation for trump, Roger stone, a longtime friend and move for a dismissal of the charges trump’s first national security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

“My decisions in criminal cases was left on my independent judgment, based on the law and facts, without any direction or intervention from the White house or anyone outside the Department,” Barr says.

Most of the statement Barr, however, is devoted to issues of race and police, strikes a tone that is clearly defensive of law enforcement.

Barr calls the murder of Floyd “terrible” and says it “clearly jarred the whole country and made us think about long-term issues in our country.” He continues, however, by recounting the way that the police in America was changed from “the civil rights Movement finally managed to break the blockade of the Jim crow edifice.”

He admits that the black community believes that they were unfairly by the police and concern is “legitimate,” but he rejects the idea of “entrenched racism” in the police Department.

And he calls the extreme left movement to defund the police “extremely irresponsible” and suggests that “commitment” to “basic and primary obligation to treat one another as personalities” – a “worthy response to the death of George Floyd.”

Turning Portland, where Federal law enforcement agencies from the Ministry of justice and Ministry of national security defended the Federal courthouse from the night attacks of the rioters, Barr vividly described violent showdown and accuses local politicians and the media distort and “tacit consent (connivance)” clash.

“To state what should be obvious, peaceful protesters do not throw explosives at the Federal courthouse, to tear down to the plywood with crowbars, or to launch feces on Federal officers,” Barr expected to say. “To tacitly condone the destruction and anarchy to abandon the basic rule of law principles that should unite us, even in politically controversial issue.”

This story was updated with further developments on Monday.

CNN’s Evan Perez contributed to this report.


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