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Superintendent William Hite has promised that all students will have Internet access by the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year, which will be all virtual, at least until November. 17.

“We are going to solve this problem,” Hite promised the media to call. “All of our children who need access to the Internet”.

On Tuesday, the Board of education President Joyce Wilkerson stated that the responsibility to assure went outside the area in the city, and the Internet service providers themselves, the main ones are Comcast and Verizon.

“My position is we don’t start school if every child is connected,” said Wilkerson. If in the area, she said, “We will pay for it. But we can’t pretend that we are running to school almost, and there are children who do not have connectivity.

Hite could not say exactly how many families with children in city schools continue to lack reliable Internet access at speeds and the capacity to participate in virtual classrooms and make cool online. The district tied percentage in abundance of 5% in the spring. “Persons who provide services to data,” he said. “We don’t have data. It’s Internet providers and mobile operators that can do it.”

Partly because of the inability to serve all children and the injustice that is represented, the district provided only “review and enrichment” since mid-March, when the school is closed due to mers in early may for six weeks.

Hite said that “a lot more people trying to engage in this effort now,” representing the city, district and suppliers.

“Either through work, which takes place in cooperation with the city administration, city Council, Department of Commerce, and all suppliers, or through the efforts of the district, we will see that…each student, which will have to have it,” he said. “We tried to solve this problem in the spring, but…either through solutions that come through town or through the neighborhood, we are going to solve this problem.”

He said that access will be “treated as chromebooks”.The district purchased 40 000 and gave them to all the students who said that they needed to not come in the spring.

Lawyers, including a fitness centre, a member of the Board Lena, called for providers to access residential hot spots in addition to areas that Comcast and Verizon did open when schools are closed.

Hite said he didn’t want to dwell on privileged “types of decisions,” but said another solution may include the installation of more towers in any “deadspots” in the city. “We solved the problem of equipment,” providing chromebooks, he said, “now we are trying to solve the problem of Internet access.”

A company representative Comcast referred all questions about how to provide services for all students will be implemented in the town and district. “The city and the school district does this work, and they also lead to [communications]” – said by e-mail the press Secretary Charlie Douglas. “I heard that they will have more updates to share in the next week or two.”

Hite said that online learning for students in the first quarter “will not like spring”.

Malika Savoy-Brooks, district chief of training and methodological support, said the virtual training will incorporate real-time guidance teachers in the field of new materials and creating opportunities for project-based learning, independent tasks, and peer-to-peer learning, said

Teachers and principals will receive enhanced professional development during August and the initial start date for students will be moved from August. September 31. 2, to provide more days for teacher training.

The school Board is scheduled to hold on Thursday at 4 p.m. to vote the revised “health and safety” requires the Department of education of Pennsylvania, which does not contain information on the implementation of educational. The Council recessed its July 23 meeting at the request of Hythe after the audience came to power against the initial hybrid plan, which most students attend school for two days a week, and teachers will be in school for four days.

This meeting was attended by 153 of the speakers was over 100 actually says. This is a continuation of the meeting is limited to 10 speakers on health and a plan of action for ensuring security.

School community, however, still full of questions how all-virtual option will be implemented, including questions about the requirements for attendance, grades, extracurricular activities and the autonomy of teachers.

Two other resolutions on the agenda on Thursday indicate that the planning process for the opening of the school is guided by the consultants, free of charge, which never helped. In these resolutions, the Board accepts a donation estimated at $345,000 for services of “Ernst and young” LLC for the services of project management for the development of a recovery plan and up to $63,000 for services to Accenture.

Both solutions describe Comcast as a “partner with the district for many years” that is in a relationship with each of the consulting firms. They add that “the district receives additional opportunities and support” from the companies to develop complex scenarios for training during the pandemic.

Some of the written testimony submitted to the Board raises questions about these two resolutions.

Wednesday, Hite and other district officials offered some details about how virtual the first quarter will help students with disabilities who need one-on-one therapy or other activities. Savoy-Brooks said that these students will receive a “Teleservices” which meet their individual training plans, individual development plans and education.

Hite also stated that the district will use the time between September and November, to speed up construction projects to alleviate the problems with asbestos, lead and ventilation.

The revised plan calls for the opening of the city-centers where the students essential workers can participate in virtual classes in supervised settings during school hours. While the city plans to use places such as leisure centres, some schools can also serve these schools, Hite said.

Some teachers also noted that they want to teach their classes and not at home, and this option is also being studied, he said.

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