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The Governor of Alaska Mike Dunleavy published video On Thursday criticizing anchorage daily news for “numerous inaccuracies” on the state requirements for processing companies of seafood.

The Governor had in mind a story published Wednesday what is included in the recommendations from the trump administration COVID-19 target groups as to Alaska require employees, seafood plant wear masks. The task force made the same recommendations to different communities of the state with the increasing number of cases of the syndrome.

The face was always expected from seafood processors in Alaska this season, state officials said Thursday.

The four largest outbreaks occurred in the state hall of the seafood (including the factory trawler), where more than 350 employees with a positive test result, including at least two so sick that they require hospitalization. State epidemiologists officially did not provide details about how the outbreak occurred, at least one started from someone in the community introduction of the virus into the plant.

The state is in the midst of a surge in cases of the coronavirus, and the observed increase in hospitalizations have raised concerns about the ability of health systems. On Thursday, the state health Department announced 23rd death of Alaska with COVID-19. There were 2,489 active cases throughout the state, with 120 new positive results, said on Thursday.

Federal COVID-19 the task force made the recommendation to mask the plant of seafood in the 26 July report circulated to all States.

Dunleavy on Thursday afternoon sent a 2 1/2-minute video to Facebook, where he picked up the newspaper and read it out loud, criticizing it as spreading misinformation. Dunleavy also criticized the daily news is not an appeal to authority and fishing industry on the existing mandates before the article was published.

“We needed masks in factories for the processing of seafood from may 15,” he said. “It is in our mandates”.

Instead, the Governor was referring to the partition of mandate state of health, says: “during the processing operation, a clear protective shield can be worn as PPE instead of a cloth covering the face to facilitate communication between employees.”

This section presents the state’s mandate to the face coatings for employees processor of seafood, the health Department of Alaska and the Commissioner of social services Adam Kram said in an interview on Thursday.

In the original version of the draft mandate requires the mask, but the language was changed to include shields after some companies expressed concern about the humid work environment and staff language barriers and government officials.

The seafood industry realized that section to represent the face, covering the mandate, even if it is not explicitly clear for the General public, Crum said.

The mandate also required the seafood workers to wear masks while traveling and during the 14-day quarantine on arrival in the room, where they will work.

State officials said the quarantine was initially keeping any infections in plants spread to local communities. Some of the current outbreaks have occurred in companies that were not mixed between work and society in General.

The state has developed mandates quickly when outbreaks of coronavirus began at the slaughterhouse in the lower 48 and worked closely with industry on their development, state officials say, adding that the wearing of face coverings always feature seafood processors, even if it is not explicitly stated in the mandate.

The state also eliminates face masks to protect community plans of each company files for consideration by the health authorities, to ensure that they are satisfactory, said Jason Viard, state Deputy Director of critical life-support infrastructure in COVID-19 the state’s a team. Viard is a former worker of the industry of seafood, which also works with the State Department of environmental protection.

Officials from the beginning of the fishing season this year looked at what each company has said that they are doing on the face of the coverages in those plans, said Viard.

“Every time,” he said. “If they do not affect all types of PPE or if they don’t mention the face, we ask What are you doing about face coverings? And if it’s not for working on processing that the visitors that come to your factory?”

Cram and Viard said that they are unable to say with certainty that all factories comply covering the face of the mandates.

“I know there are some that are very, very diligent,” said Viard. “They are checked. They keep logs”.

Major operators put a quality assurance program in place, although medium and small plants may not have the resources to do it, he said.

Federal COVID-19 task force reports are not always accurate about the current situation in Alaska, cram said. Public health officials to reach COVID-19 Federal task force, if necessary.

Dr. Anne zink, chief sanitary doctor of the state, plans to clarify the requirements for Alaska for the face coverings, he said.

The state imposed new mandates for the fishing industry in light of the recent outbreak, officials said this week. State officials are also considering rewriting the mandates of the seafood to make them clearer.

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