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Chisholm, Minnesota.- The people of Chisholm unbent one of the darkest days in the city — the murder and rape of a 38-year-old Nancy Daugherty in her own home — as a person from their city is now charged with her murder.

This man is Michael Jr. Carbo, 52, a longtime resident of Chisholm, who was charged with second-degree murder on Thursday.

Michael Jr. photo Carbo

On Wednesday, authorities arrested Carbo — who was 18 at the time of the crime in a Lincoln square apartment where he lived alone.

“I saw an unmarked law enforcement vehicles and plain clothes sheriffs,” said Jack Lepisto, who lived in an apartment building.

Lepisto was shocked when police surrounded his house, arresting his roommate on one of the most notorious crimes in the city.

“He lived upstairs, I mean, I wouldn’t know. You know, even the neighbors thought, they were in shock, they didn’t know that such people live in our house,” he said.

Mike Carbo 11th class of 1986

1986 photo of Michael Jr. Carbo

According to the criminal case, DNA Carbo has been found on the nails of Nancy Daugherty and vaginal swabs taken from her on the night of July 16, 1986, when she was raped and strangled in her Chisholm home after midnight.

“It makes you wonder, makes you wonder, out of the blue someone did it and they lived next door to you and is like [surprised expression]” – said Lepisto.

More than 100 DNA samples taken from potential suspects for many years — does not meet until now.

“A few months ago I decided to do genetic genealogy as a way, perhaps, to create new leads in the case,” said Chisholm police chief Vernon manner at Wednesday’s press conference. He sent crime scene DNA samples to Parabonthe company, which analyzes public database of genealogy.

“In this process, Mr. Carbo was a potential suspect in the case,” said the chief.

Authorities recently established surveillance of the residence of the suspect and collected DNA was found on articles in the trash Carbo that they could observe it, throwing out last Thursday. They sent these collections to the Bureau of laboratories of the criminal detention.

On Monday, the lab sent the police report confirming that the DNA found on the trash Carbo was on the crime scene evidence.

Two days later on Wednesday, authorities got a DNA sample from Carbo with his consent, which was determined in accordance with the previous samples. He was arrested on the same day.

Capercaillie Chisholm

Nancy Daugherty

“In this day and age, that DNA will catch you. It’s only a matter of time,” said Chisholm bar owner Jerry Janezich.

Janezich, who is co-owner of Tom and Jerry bar in the center for more than 40 years says he never knew existed Carbo 52-year-old father, who from time to time come here to drink and watch the game as anything but a regular guy. “You would never have guessed”.

“He has not come very often. From time to time we face him. It seemed to us quite normal,” he said.

He is grateful law enforcement did not surrender all these years, so the Daugherty family can get justice and closure. “We knew very well, dad, we knew Nancy very well, they came. So this is all very exciting,” said Janezich.

Even business owners who don’t know Daughertys right feel the same way. “Thinking about them and wishing the best for them and hoped to find closure after so many years of losing a loved one,” said co-owner of Valentini’s supper club, Rob Russo.

Rousseau can not believe that for more than 30 years, Carbo was just another Chisholm is a customer who never stood out.

“Probably came through the restaurant and bar on holiday, I’m sure,” he said. “A little in shock that it was someone who was still here and living among all the others. As a normal member of society.”

Carbo is scheduled back in court on Aug. 6. His bail of $ 1 million.

For a small, close-knit town, this is a stark reminder that not all they know is what they seem. “We can’t live their lives. Ever. We can’t live anyone,” said Janezich.

“And the people who come through you think you know but maybe you don’t,” he said.

Chisholm police chief Vern manner, read out a statement on behalf of the daughter Daugherty, Gin Haggard, In the night of Wednesday at a briefing where he and other officials announced the arrest. This, in particular:

“There are no words to describe the awful hole left in so many lives, including my own. So many tears and struggle. She missed so much and I miss her love and guidance.”

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