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And giuffre described earlier, being recruited Ghislaine MaxwellOnce a friend of Epstein, who was described as a “recruiter” for alleged Epstein sex trade as a teenager and claims that she was instructed Maxwell to have sex with many men, including Prince Andrew.
In his testimony, and giuffre is pressed lawyers to provide additional names of men who Maxwell “directed her” to have sex with. The lawyer holds the names of several interviews, including Prince Andrewthe former Governor of new Mexico bill Richardson, and the individual described as the “other Prince”, and another person described as “a large property, the owner of the network”.

“Look, I gave you what I know now” and giuffre said in response. “I’m sorry. It is very difficult for me and very frustrating to have to go through it. I don’t — I don’t remember all of the people. There was a large number of people to whom I was sent.”

In court filings, Maxwell and her lawyer to portray and giuffre as the unreliable narrator, pointing out errors in some dates and figures that she gave.

Giuffre and admits to causing her pay for a photo of herself with Prince Andrew, which was published in many media.

Claims and giuffre was earlier reported by CNN.

Prince Andrew and Richardson denied the allegations against them.

And giuffre also alleges in his testimony that she rode in a helicopter that was piloted by Maxwell to Epstein’s private Caribbean island “many times.”

Discussing her interview with journalist Sharon Churcher in 2011, says giuffre and she said Cercher that Maxwell claimed that she flew former US President bill Clinton on the island also owned by Epstein.

“Gielen told me that she came bill Clinton. And Ghislaine likes to say a lot of stuff that sounds fantastic. And whether it is true or not, that’s what I remember, says Sharon Churcher.”

And giuffre acknowledges in his testimony that in some way she felt Chercher got the story wrong, but she never tried to correct her.

Giuffre described and I wonder why former President Clinton was on the island while she was there, and discuss it with me.

“I remember asking Jeffrey what’s bill Clinton doing here such things, and he laughed it off and said he did me a favor” and giuffre told lawyers in 2011 recorded the conversation on her claims against Epstein.

“He never told me what they were. I never knew. I don’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke.”

And giuffre went on to say that Epstein said to her, “everyone owed him favors. They are all in the pockets of each other”.

Giuffre said that Maxwell and other “girls” were on the island at that time as well.

And giuffre had previously said publicly that she saw Clinton on the island.

Clinton never denied going to the Epstein island in the Caribbean sea.

In his testimony, and giuffre describe as their “sent” Maxwell to have sex with different men under the guise of “massage”.

“And when they say that the massage That so erotic, right? That’s their term for it,” said giuffre. “I think there are many other witnesses who can confirm that the massage really means. And I say to you, Gielen said that I need to give him a massage, which means sex.”The person’s name was redacted.

The newly released documents also show the email correspondence between Maxwell and the email address that appears to be Epstein in 2015, in which Epstein laments the negative attention that he received because he was charged with soliciting a prostitute in 2007.

The documents were part of an unsealing resulting from in 2015, a lawsuit for libel against Maxwell, and brought giuffre.


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