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April 19-25 is the National Library Week, an annual celebration that highlights the valuable role played by libraries, librarians, and other library workers in building strong communities.

At the heart of their cities, cities, schools and campuses, libraries provide important resources, programs and expertise. The theme of this year’s National Library Week is “Find Your Place in the Library.”

National Bookmobile Day is Wednesday, April 22. Today celebrates more than 930 dedicated bookmobiles and staff who provide mobile library resources for people throughout the country who may not be able to reach the library.

National Library Week

Although the library is temporarily closed, staff still provide access to activities that can be done at home, provide links to book reading, and promote online resources. The James V. Brown Library regularly offers new and interesting resources through their facebook page.

Library staff also partner with community organizations and other services to actively engage with the people they serve, always trying to ensure that the core needs of their communities are met.

The James V. Brown Library helps lead the community by providing free computers and access to the internet, award-winning early childhood programs, STEM programs for teenagers and young people, and programs that enrich lives for adults.

“Libraries are the foundation of democracy, promoting the free exchange of information and ideas for all,” said Barbara McGary, library’s executive director. “They also foster civic engagement by keeping people in condition and aware of community events and problems.”

If you haven’t been to the library in at least two years, your library card might have expired. But don’t worry – you can fill out the “contact us” form at or call and leave a voicemail to easily update it and get access to all libraries on offer.

First sponsored in 1958, the National Library Week is a national celebration sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries throughout the country every April.

National Bookmobile Day

The more modern Lycoming County mobile library. Source: James V. Brown Library

On July 10, 1939, Miss Frances Kilburn began driving the first Bookmobile on the rural roads of Lycoming County to bring library services to people in our area. Since then, various vehicles have continued to travel throughout the region carrying books, music, films, and others to rural areas, schools and maintenance facilities.

For more than 100 years, bookmobiles have provided information, technology, and resources for lifelong learning to Americans from all walks of life. According to a recent report from the National Museum and Library Service Institute, less than 6 percent of libraries have Bookmobile services, with only 22 Bookmobiles in Pennsylvania. The James V. Brown Library operates two of them with Bookmobile and Storymobile, early childhood vehicles that visit local child care facilities.

Both vehicles are currently off the road due to COVID-19 concerns across the state, but earlier this year the library began a Bookmobility campaign to change cellular outreach services in Lycoming County.

Bookmobiles are a cost-effective means of providing library services to a large geographical area. Bookmobiles, like libraries, continue to meet the needs of their communities by offering free access to the latest technology and materials to users of all ages. The Lycoming County Bookmobile Library System visits various locations, including senior centers, low-income housing, private care homes, private schools and more.

“The library’s outreach mission is to go to where people are, to build deep relationships with the people we serve, to bring life-changing stories and knowledge from the outside world to those who have mobility and transportation problems, to foster a love of reading. , and brings opportunities for lifelong learning for rural residents and those who need us most, “said Barbara S. McGary, executive director of the Brown Library. “When we consider replacing aging vehicles, we see that our customers will be better served by smaller and more efficient vehicles targeted at certain audiences.”

The Library Bookmobility campaign will provide:

  • A newer, more efficient and more reliable mobile library for rural and other citizens
  • A van to bring books and other materials directly to senior care facilities
  • Additional storymobile, to present library and age-appropriate material experiences for children in preschool, child care facilities and schools

Support the library at or by sending a check to the James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., Williamsport, PA 17701.


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