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MADISON, Wis. (Press conference) Governor Tony Evers today announced Wisconsin’s “Badger Bounce Back” plan which outlines important criteria for Wisconsin to be able to reopen its economy gradually and includes steps to ensure workers and businesses are ready to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. In coordination with this announcement, at the direction of the governor, Wisconsin Secretary of Health Services Officer Andrea Palm issued Emergency Order # 31 which established the process and outlined the phases of the plan. Emergency orders are available here.

“As we have learned over the past month, under the most difficult circumstances, Wisconsinites will rise to the occasion, help each other and work together to do the best for our families, our neighbors, and our community,” the governor said. Evers. “That’s what Badger Bounce Back said: our resilience as a nation and as a country. I am happy and hopeful about this plan. Although safe at home continues to be important, this plan is an all-out attack on the virus and begins the process of preparing our business and workforce for important planning that will result in the reopening of our economy that is safe and logical. “

The Badger Bounce Back Plan was informed in part by the Presidential Guidelines to Open America Again issued by the White House on April 16, 2020. At present, Wisconsin does not meet the criteria by which the White House was set up to begin reopening our country. The Badger Bounce Back plan took important steps to bring the state of Wisconsin there.

The aim of the Badger Bounce Back plan is to reduce cases and deaths to a low level, and increase capacity in our health care system so that business reopening is gradually possible. As part of the plan, the country will work to increase access to more testing and expand lab capacity. Under the Badger Bounce Back plan, everyone who needs a test must get a test. The state set a target of 85,000 tests per week, averaging around 12,000 tests per day. More information about state testing efforts was released earlier today, and is available for review here.

Furthermore, the state will expand contact tracing and more aggressively track deployment with the aim of every Wisconsinite whose positive tests are interviewed within 24 hours after receiving their test results and their contacts interviewed within 48 hours of the test results.

In addition, the state will continue to pursue every path to grow the supply of Wisconsin personal protective equipment (PPE) to public health and safety service entities to conduct COVID-19 testing, patient care, and public safety work. Finally, the plan works to increase the capacity of the health care system where patients can be treated without crisis care and there is a stronger testing program for health workers at risk.

Countries will look for the downward trajectory of diseases such as influenza and COVID-19 symptoms reported within a 14 day period, and the downward trajectory of a positive test as a percentage of the total tests in a 14 day period. When the state has seen this effort succeed, Wisconsin can start turning the dial, reopen the state, and make business and workers back on their own.

The Badger Bounce Back package is available here. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation section of the Badger Bounce Back plan that aims to help ensure workers and businesses are ready and ready to get back is available here. A short Badger Bounce Back package is also available here.


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