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NORTH KAROLINA – Jaxon Buell, a 5-year-old boy who captivates people around the world with his unique appearance and inspiring story, has died.

He died on April 1. His father, Brandon Buell, shared the news of his departure with News4Jax.

“Jax died very peacefully, comfortably in my arms,” ​​Buell said. “He was surrounded by his parents and family and enjoyed so much love and snuggling in the last moments of his life and traveling with us.”

Jaxon, born in central Florida in 2014 to Brandon and Brittany Buell, is not expected to live more than a few days. Because of a birth defect called micro hydranencephaly, he only has a part of his skull and his brain is about 1/5 of normal size.

Some suggested that Buell’s mother had an abortion, however, as devout Christians, they decided that they would have Jaxon through a C-section.

“We will never play God. We always give him a chance, a fighting chance, “Brandon said.

While Jaxon could not walk or talk, his parents documented his journey and progress, calling it “their miracle.” Through social media, the world follows when he smiles, makes sounds that seem to communicate with his parents, rolls over and makes eye contact with family members.

“She’s our magical baby. She is our hero. She is definitely our little hero,” Brittany’s mother said in 2015.

The internet adopted #JaxonStrong and donors raised significant funds for their medical bills. The story of Jaxon is featured in news outlets throughout the world, including News4Jax.

On Facebook, more than 225,000 people have followed Jaxon’s growth and adventure. The boy’s fans say he and his parents are very inspirational because they never give up.

The Jaxon family spent time in Jacksonville, vowing that he enjoyed being at the Jaguars soccer game. Former midfielder Blake Bortles developed ties with the Buell family and helped them raise awareness of his rare condition.

In March, Jaxon’s health worsened. His organs began to close. He entered the nursing home the week before his death, with his family by his side.

“I don’t know how the healing process is,” Brandon said. “All I know is how proud my child is, how much I will miss him, how he has changed my life, and how much he has touched many others.”

His father pointed out that Jaxon’s death was not related to COVID-19.

In an emotional post on Instagram, Brandon wrote a message to his late son:

“I love you very much, Jaxon. I can’t wait to see you again one day in your perfect form, running and laughing in Heaven. Enjoy, start. You get it by being the most perfect, sweetest, and strongest child ever. “

He follows up with another post, paying tribute to his only child:

“I will never forget her beautiful blue eyes and perfect smile together with all the precious memories we have created together. Strength, sweetness, and extraordinary enthusiasm will continue to live. Fly high and run far, son. You deserve everything! “

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