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Emilie Talermo ran out of all options to reunite with Australian blue-eyed miniature Shepherd, Jackson.

He even hired an airplane to fly over San Francisco with a banner to the website he had set up to find it.

And on Tuesday, after months of separation, Talermo and Jackson reunited after he got word that he appeared at a shelter hundreds of miles away outside Los Angeles. When the shelter sent a picture, he knew.

“As soon as I saw them, I cried. There he was,” Talermo told the Associated Press.

In December, Talermo, 31, had left Jackson tied to a bench when he entered a grocery store in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, police said.

Detectives worked for months in this case, writing search warrants and checking surveillance videos, police said in a statement news release.

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Talermo also wants to help with the search. He made a website, making flyers from puppies now 6 years old with bright blue eyes, offering $ 7,000 in prizes (“no questions”) and renting a plane to fly banners with the website’s name in the Bay Area.

Based on KNTV, $ 1,250 aircraft costs to fly, and Talermo has amassed thousands through GoFundMe. He also posted on various social media platforms and created a Tinder account for his dog.

“He is always with me. This is a very real love,” Talermo told TV stations in December. “I just need help finding it.”

San Francisco police said an important breakthrough in the case occurred when Jackson was discovered by community members in Los Angeles County.

The police can identify a suspect and make an arrest. Nicholas Bravo, 27, from Palmdale, faces major theft charges. He has been arrested for unrelated problems, police said.

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On Monday, detectives were told that the dog had been taken to Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control in Palmdale. One of Talermo’s friends in Santa Monica took the dog, and a San Francisco police detective went to bring the dog home.

In a video posted on Twitter by the police department, Jackson barked happily and jumped into Talermo’s arms when the couple reunited early on Tuesday.

The dog was excited and looked fine, Talermo said, even though he was a little more chunkier.

“I’m only returning it for a few hours now, but I haven’t slept at all because I’m listening to the little voices and I’m very happy,” Talermo said KNTV. “I feel everything is even brighter.”

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