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SANTA BARBARA, California.

Watchdog Gregg Hart announced another death due to the COVID19 pandemic.

“Over the past weekend, a second Santa Barbara County resident died of COVID19, our hearts were focused on the family,” the Council Speaker said.

Public Health Officer Dr. Henning Ansorg said the two people who died were in their 60s and had underlying conditions.

“Unfortunately, we have two deaths, at the end of the week we reported the second death of COVID19, and this person was admitted to the Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara and died of the disease.”

Ansorg also reported 18 news cases, bringing the total to 192. He said 110 had recovered at home, 42 had fully recovered.

Information about the location of the case can be found at

Ansorg said 19, more than half of the 34 people hospitalized, were in the county at ICU.

Many of these patients have lung problems.

“They experience shortness of breath, they need extra oxygen, and at some point when the lungs are really infected, they may need ventilation in the intensive care unit, they are the sickest.”

The majority of the sick are men, and some who are tested positive are frontline health workers.

Public Health Director Van Do-Reynoso said, “We can confirm that 37 workers tested positive for COVID19.”

Lompoc Prison also deals with the plague ”

“In prisons in Lompoc, at least 28 people tested positive.”

He says raw numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they look for trends.

This is broader than an indication of a confirmed case.

“We can provide testing for a vulnerable subset of our community, but there are likely to be far more cases than our tests show,” Dr. Ansorg.

Lab Director Dr. Steward Comer says social distance seems to function.

“Our positivity level tends to remain very stable in the 6-8 range,” Comer said.

He said they do around 80 to 90 tests a day and will talk about improving testing with a faster turn next week.

Physical distance is very important. That means Easter and Easter must be celebrated in new ways.

Gregg Hart said, “As I walked around my neighborhood, I heard church services broadcast from an empty church to parishioners watching at home, and I also heard very innovative ways that the Easter Seder would be shared virtually with friends and family years. this.”

To maximize your downtime, Hart, the son of the library director, says you can still use your library card to download audio books and e-books.

“You can go to your community library web page or”

The new pilot program will now send books that you can hold until the pandemic ends.

From now on Santa Barbara County and Santa Barbara County Public Health plan to hold a Covid19 Conference on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless there is urgent news to deliver.

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