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New Jersey, the municipality and its small business have received nearly $ 14 billion so far in federal funds to help overcome it corona virus pandemic, along with nearly a thousand ventilators and nearly 700,000 surgical masks, Trump’s administration revealed.

The figures are released on Friday during the Government Phil Murphy has criticized Limit on trump administration at $ 1.8 billion in federal assistance and has been joined by another governor in asking for more money from Washington.

“New Jersey has received the important federal resources needed to protect the health and safety of Americans, and ultimately save lives,” said John Horstman, deputy director of the White House Media Media Office.

The figures do not include the latest $ 500 billion aid package for small businesses, hospitals and testing, signed by Trump on Friday.

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This is what is received by the state, from federal agencies and aid packages approved by Congress and signed by the president, according to the White House:

– 1,050 ventilators, 290,055 N-95 masks, 689,981 surgical masks, 113,935 medical gowns, 3,848 protective clothing, 139,144 face shields, and 591,269 gloves from the Strategic National Stockpile. to New Jersey.

– $ 361.3 million from Federal Emergency Management Agency, with more money to come.

525 ambulances and 1,190 emergency personnel were obtained by FEMA from all countries. Equipment includes basic and advanced life support ambulances and personnel needed to operate it.

– $ 36.6 million from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, funds included in the coronavirus stimulus bill were authorized by Congress and signed by Trump.

– $ 25.2 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to 24 New Jersey health centers, funds included in Legal stimulus of $ 2 trillion known as the CARES Law.

– $ 919.4 million from Provider Assistance Funds.

– $ 9.5 billion a year Small Business Administration Loans to 33,519 small business in the state under salary protection program.

– $ 3.4 billion in federal funds for state and locality, also regulated in the CARES Law.

In addition, 2.2 million state taxpayers received $ 3.9 billion in stimulus payments from the Internal Revenue Service.

Murphy has regularly spoken to the president and other members of the government, including Vice President Mike Pence, and often does praising cooperation he has received. Trump has responded by calling Murphy “a great man.”

But Murphy on Thursday criticized the administration for limiting the amount of $ 1.8 billion in federal aid provided to the state. He said he would “fight this to death.”

“Financial guidance makes a large part of this fund completely unusable, and without additional flexibility, it means we will probably not be able to use it, but we have to return a large portion of the funds to the federal government,” Murphy said during his daily press briefing at Trenton. The governor said the state needed federal assistance to avoid massive layoffs of public workers.

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