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ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – With proms and graduations still on the air because many high schools and schools are closed because COVID-19, a local group is trying to spread goodness and show students that they care.

Allen County Adopt Senior is a Facebook group dedicated to elevating the spirit of middle school seniors by sending them gifts. The gift can be a letter, gift card, snack, or kind gestures.

But this program offers seniors more than prizes.

“I just want to make sure that all of these seniors have the chance to make some memories at the end of their senior year that won’t happen,” said Allen County Adopt a Senior co-founder, Amber Stine.

This is how it works.

  • A senior student or parent of a senior makes a post on the group’s Facebook page, Allen County Adopt Senior.
  • The posts begin with the words “not adopted” and then include the names of students, where they go to school, details about their future plans, and some pictures.
  • For those who want to adopt a senior, you can simply comment on the senior position that you want to adopt.
  • When a student is adopted, the post will be edited to say adopted.
  • Each student is allowed to be adopted three times so that each student can participate.
  • High School students in Allen County and residents who wish to adopt seniors are welcome to participate.

“I think this is very unusual,” said senior Snider High School Irasema Hernandez. “This is an amazing experience, not only in my hands but in the hands of all those affected because you can at least share and celebrate your success with others. I think it’s really important now especially with everything that happens with all of these unexpected circumstances to celebrate even the little things you know? ”

“At first it was very stressful just because it was unknown, you didn’t know what people were thinking, you didn’t know if anyone would adopt you,” said South Side senior Skylyn Sours. “There are so many people who are willing to help you be adopted by someone, so I think you should do it. This is definitely a way to make you feel better all this time when everything is so confusing.”

“That actually means a lot to us, seniors, because everything must be shortened,” said Bishop Dwenger’s senior high school Sabrina Cortezano. “It’s kind of brightening your day that has brightened my day.”

Sabrina Cortezano, Irasema Hernandez, and Skylyn Sours have all been adopted in the group, and they are not alone. Within a week the group had changed from 34 members to nearly 2,000 – something that Stine had said he had never expected.

“I don’t think a senior can go a few hours without being adopted,” Stine said. “That’s a very neat thing. I think at some point there are only one or two seniors on the page that are not adopted and they have been on the page for two hours or less. ”

Stine got the idea from the same group named Northeast Indiana Adopts Senior 2020 which includes seniors for DeKalb, Noble, Steuben, or LaGrange county. Stine’s children are not currently elderly but feel the need to start a movement in Allen County.

“I can’t imagine my senior year suddenly stopping,” said Stine. “I want to make sure all of these seniors have the chance to make some memories at the end of their senior year that they would otherwise not have or be able to do so.”

When he made a group Allen County Adopts Senior 2020 another group is called Adoption of the Allen County 2020 Senior Class also formed. Now the two groups work together to bring excitement to the elderly in this area. The elderly are asked to register with one group or the other, but not both.

Stine said the group would remain open until the graduation party season.

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