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Hogan, a Republican, said that the country plans to follow federal guidelines issued by President Donald Trump last week, which called on states to meet certain metrics before considering revocation restrictions, including a 14-day downward trend in key figures. He warned that the country had not yet reached its peak for coronavirus and death.

“Here in Maryland we are taking some of the earliest and most aggressive actions in the country to slow the spread of Covid-19. Because of those efforts … we have fewer cases, hospitalizations and deaths than all the requested models,” he said.

“We have succeeded in leveling and extending the curve in our country, and we don’t yet have the very high spikes that you see in other states,” he added. “But that’s also why we’re a few weeks behind other thorny states before, and the number of new Covid-19 cases is still increasing here in Maryland and throughout the Maryland, DC and Virginia regions. And by federal standards instituted last week, and under the guidance given in the study and reopening the plan we quoted, Maryland has not been able to lift our boundaries. “

The announcement of Hogan and Northam’s plans to reopen their country and economy is an important marker of both the state and Washington, DC. The three entities have promised to work closely together to reopen their economy from fixed orders at home intended to limit the spread of the corona virus.

In Virginia, Northam announced “Forward Virginia Blueprint” on Friday and said he did not anticipate the reopening of the country before May 8

Democrats explain that the first phase of reopening will require a downward trend in new cases and hospitalization for 14 days, increased testing and contact tracking and ongoing supply of hospital beds and personal protective equipment. Specifications for the second and third phases have not yet been announced.

The first phase will involve businesses that are reopened with measures of social distance that still exist, teleworking continuously if possible and recommendations for wearing face masks in public.

Northam compared the recovery after September 11 and said Virginia’s goal was to finally process 10,000 tests per day. The state processed 4,000 tests each over the past two days.

“Americans are afraid to get on planes and fly, that is understandable, and so many modifications are made and in time people return to feel comfortable,” Northam said. “That’s what we do with all our efforts.”

Hogan unveiled a three-stage “Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery” special three-stage plan at a Friday press conference.

The first phase will begin with lifting the order to stay in a country house. This will include reopening many small businesses, including retail stores and certain golf courses, and restarting many low-risk community activities, such as recreational boating and fishing, tennis and outdoor religious activities, along with fitness classes and outdoor gyms . This will also include the resumption of elective outpatient operations and procedures in certain countries with lower concentrations of cases.

Local governments can have additional flexibility to open things including parks and playgrounds, urban recreation centers and libraries. These decisions will be based on the ability to continue physical distance and to continue to limit person-to-person contact.

If the first phase of activities is successfully continued without a spike in death, continuing spikes in the case of intensive care units or significant outbreaks of community transmission, they will then move to stage two.

The second phase will see a large number of businesses reopened, unimportant workers who cannot work back to work and other public activities again. Religious meetings in the room can be continued with limited capacity and physical distance measures. This will include raising the limit on the number of people at social gatherings. Phase two can also see a more normal public transport schedule and the opening of potential restaurants and bars with significant security restrictions.

The third and final phase will return high-risk activities, such as larger social gatherings, events, religious gatherings and activities in entertainment venues and further reduction of restrictions in hospitals and finally nursing homes.

Hogan said the number of state officials who were most focused was the level of hospitalization and the number of patients treated in intensive care units.

It will not be until the numbers start to fall or there is a “consistent plateau of the metrics” that countries can consider to reopen, he said.

Hogan added that he hopes the recovery of the country can begin in early May, if social distance measures remain in force and are followed well by citizens.

Under Maryland stay at home released last month, residents were only allowed to leave their homes for important reasons such as visiting grocery stores, pharmacies, to exercise or seek medical attention. This is also being enforced by law enforcement, and those who violate orders can face minor violations and be jailed for up to one year or fined $ 5,000.
Hogan also issued order earlier this month requires commuters and employees to wear a mask or face cover when using Maryland public transportation. Employees and customers over the age of 9 must also wear face masks in important businesses, although adults who accompany children should try to make them wear masks if they are in important business.
Maryland is also one of the few states that has ever experienced it protest in recent days opposed orders to stay at home, with residents calling for the state to reopen.
There are more than 889,000 confirmed coronavirus case throughout the United States and region. More than 50,000 people have died. Maryland has more than 16,000 cases and at least 790 residents have died.

This story and its headline have been updated with details of Virginia’s plan to reopen.

Chandelis Duster, Scottie Andrew, and James Froio from CNN contributed to this report.


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