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Governor Doug Burgum issued an executive order Monday which requires people who test positive for a new corona virus and those who live with someone who tests positive to experience quarantine themselves for two weeks.

Burgum also prohibits visits to people living in nursing homes or long-term care facilities as a precautionary measure to protect vulnerable people who live there. He said an exception would be made for end-of-life facilities.

The state health department has long recommended the two steps but now they have the force of law.

People who break orders can be accused of violating Class B.

Burgum had previously ordered that people traveling to North Dakota from outside the state also go to quarantine for two weeks as a precaution.

A fourth person, a man in his 70s from Emmons County, has now died of a new corona virus, Burgum announced in his daily briefing on Monday.

On Sunday, 225 people tested positive for the corona virus. Thirty-two people who tested positive required hospitalization; 19 remain hospitalized. 74 others are considered to have recovered.

Burgum said he would not issue an executive order requiring people to stay at home, as most other states do. He said North Dakota had tested a greater percentage of the population for new corona viruses per 1,000 people than most other states and had a low positive number. The country has more than enough medical capacity available to handle the number of corona virus patients who are expected to require hospitalization, he said. Burgum said he would do what was necessary to protect the country and so far staying at home was not necessary.

Burgum said the voluntary test, a voluntary test for the corona virus carried out this weekend at Amidon in Slope County and in Gladstone, the two rural areas that have almost zero cases of the corona virus, succeeded. The information collected will provide the country with good basic information for use in future planning. All results will be reported on Wednesday.

Burgum said he would like to see a similar test carried out on Fort Berthold and Mountrail County reservations, which appear as hotspots for the virus in the state, with 19 cases reported on Sunday. Such testing will be carried out with the approval of the tribal and tribal leaders. Stark County is another emerging hot spot.

Testing at Amidon and Gladstone can be used to help more quickly identify people who test positive for the corona virus but have no symptoms. People who have coronavirus but show no symptoms may spread the virus in the community unnoticed. Anyone who tests positive but reports no symptoms during the weekend drive-through test will also be asked to enter quarantine for two weeks.


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