Crew members on Navy ships sent to the NYC test positive for the corona virus | Instant News

“There is no impact on Comfort’s mission, and this will not affect Comfort’s ability to receive patients. The ship follows the protocol and takes every precaution to ensure the health and safety of all crew members and patients on board,” “Navy spokesman Lieutenant Marycate Walsh told CNN.

Walsh said crew members had no contact with patients. On Tuesday morning, the ship treated more than 50 patients, according to a defense official.

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A US defense official told CNN, “those who made contact with crew members tested positive have been tested and will remain in isolation for several days regardless of the test results, being too careful.

The initial mission of USNS Comfort is to treat only non-coronavirus patients, but the US military announced Monday night that Comfort will bring patients without considering whether they have tested positive for Covid-19 or not.

A Navy official told CNN that because of the direction to treat coronavirus patients, Comfort would now have half the capacity it should have.

“To ensure the safety of all our patients and also our crew, we must reconfigure military care facilities. This reconfiguration will allow us to separate our Covid and non-Covid patients, but this reduces our capacity to about 500 patients,” said the official


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