Who is dying of coronavirus? More black people die in big cities | Instant News

WASHINGTON – Very many black Americans dying of the corona virus at a much higher rate compared to other Americans in several major cities, but most federal and state officials do not track or release racial data in coronavirus victims, raising concerns about concern for the country’s most vulnerable population.

With coronavirus cases and related deaths soaring in cities with significant black populations, including New Orleans, Detroit and New York, civil rights groups and Democratic lawmakers say federal health officials must release racial data to ensure resources and information reaches all affected communities by the plague.

“This is a critical issue for us that we are raising and we are sounding the alarm,” said Hardie Davis, Jr., president of the Association of African-American Mayors and mayor of Augusta, Georgia.

Fewer states have released information, including Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey and North Carolina. Data from these countries shows black people are dying at a proportionally higher rate compared to whites.

In Illinois, for example, there were 12,262 cases of corona virus Monday and 307 deaths, according to the state Department of Public Health. Of the confirmed cases, 29.4% were black, 27.5% were white, 9.4% were Hispanic, 3.34% were Asian and 24.4% were left blank. Of the deaths, 42% were black, 37.1% were white, 7.5% were Hispanic, 7% were blank, and 4.2% were Asian. About 15% of the state population is black, while white is 77% of the state, according to the Census.

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