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AUSTIN (KXAN) – Texas unemployment has one less worry when it comes to races filing unemployment claims with the Texas Labor Commission which is very halting. The agency has set aside the usual deadline for filing unemployment claims.

The Commission has also decided to cancel unemployment claims until the date the applicant is dismissed from work or the date workers are reduced. Under normal circumstances, unemployment payments will begin from the date the TWC decides that an application is “eligible” to receive benefits.

This is not normal.

A KXAN viewer sent a screenshot of this message from the Texas Labor Commission showing a April 13, 2020 deadline to call TWC to “discuss” its eligibility. “

The agency decided to renew the claim after bombarded by Texas people who were laid off, said a spokesman for the Texas Labor Commission, Cisco Gamez. amount people who try to apply for unemployment online and over the telephone are great, TWC cannot handle numbers.

However, it does not get direct assistance for Texas residents who cannot file or claim their unemployment checks and have spent weeks trying to work through the TWC process.

In recent weeks, TWC has added more space to its unemployment application web portal and has around 1,000 workers answering calls at its four call centers located in Texas. The agency put two new call centers to work on Monday to help handle tens of thousands of incoming calls to TWC every day.

Many people contacted KXAN this week with a message from TWC that showed the filing deadline for April 7, 2020. “Please call as soon as possible,” the message stated, “If you don’t call, TWC won’t pay you the benefits.”

The labor commission says the messages are automatic and part of the TWC notification program, “If there is a certain date there, you mention 7 April, some say 13 April, try to make the target date, but if they miss the target date, they will not be punished for that, “Gamez said.

“If they are asked to call, we need them to call to verify – or to renew something,” Gamez said, “They will receive the same amount of benefits, but it might take a little longer to get through.”

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