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Even so, that does not mean Mr. O’Donnell will run it at the Pentagon. On E.P.A., he has issued a critical report on the administrator appointed by Mr. Trump, Andrew R. Wheeler, who has sought to limit the authority and supervision of Mr. O’Donnell.

Only last week, after Mr. O’Donnell released report concluded that E.P.A. failed to warn people living near certain carcinogenic chemicals from their health risks, Mr. Wheeler publicly rebuked the inspector general’s report for “tone and substance” and demanded that he revoke it. Mr. O’Donnell refused.

Personally, several people in the general community of government inspectors suggested the appointment of Mr. O’Donnell to the Pentagon post will shift his oversight from the EPA, which continues to move forward with the agenda of Mr. Trump to reduce or eliminate public health and environmental regulations, even when the corona virus is raging.

Before being appointed as E.P.A. supervisor, Mr. O’Donnell has worked for two federal judges and has been working since 2005 as a career lawyer in the Department of Justice, most recently in the criminal division dealing with cases involving fraud, corruption, and national security.

At the Pentagon, Mr. O’Donnell will serve in an acting capacity while awaiting the action of the Senate on Jason Abend, an Customs and Border Protection official, nominated by Mr. Trump last week to take office permanently. Mr. Fine, remains the No. official. 2 in the Pentagon supervisor’s office.

Late last month, hours after Mr Trump signed a $ 2 trillion coronavirus and a huge stimulus bill on television, he said issued a signing statement challenged a major congressional Democrat who insisted as a condition for agreeing to $ 500 billion in corporate bailout funds: that a special inspector general be empowered to request information about how the Ministry of Finance spent money and who would be asked to notify Congress if executive branch officials were not included reason.

In its signing statement, Trump effectively stated that he could control what information went into Congress about any dispute regarding access to information about how and why the money was spent. On Friday, he appointed Brian D. Miller, a White House aide, to serve as a special inspector general who oversees company assistance.

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