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TODAY: Warm with clouds, sunshine, and heavy rain or thunderstorms, especially in the morning. Height: 72

THIS EVENING: Mostly cloudy mostly. Low: 46

THURSDAY: Being very windy with clouds and some rain and thunderstorms all afternoon; the sun might come back later. High: 61 Low: 36


Areas with low pressure centered in southern Canada will gradually glide across the Great Lakes until last Thursday to the Northeast on Friday resulting in erratic weather. The uneasy weather began last night, and while there will be a slight pause today, we can expect unstable conditions to resume rising again on Thursday.

Calmer weather returned for Friday, although some of the humidity around our remaining storm system might still bring a little rain, and maybe even some snowflakes to the Poconos in the morning, when cold air formed. Meanwhile, the temperature will continue to climb today as the highest peak in the low 70s, then fall as we finish the work week with very windy conditions.

At the beginning of the weekend, high pressure will start to build where it will help calm winds, temperatures to bounce back to season rates, and clear skies for sunlight. Dry weather will last for most of the weekend before it rains again on Easter Sunday, which will also be a slightly warmer day.



The warm front is the first of several pieces of energy that we will handle over the next few days. This is related to the triple point attached to the main area of ​​low pressure that passes through southern Canada. When a triple point crossed Pennsylvania last night, it brought with it widespread rain and storm, some of which contained strong winds, frequent lightning, heavy rain, and even hail to the fullest extent. Total rainfall is generally between 0.25 “to 0.60”. The triple-point low quickly headed offshore this morning which will also cause a quick departure from the heavier rain and storms that moved through last night.

Temperatures are mild enough to start because overnight lows only drop to lows and mid-50s. While the clouds will win first thing this morning, there must be some decent sun breaks from mid to late morning and so on helping the temperature to soar into the 70s during the afternoon. Stray rain or even thunderous light cannot be completely ruled out in the afternoon, but most areas must remain dry.


Every stray rain or thunderstorm that lights up during this afternoon will die at sunset or shortly after that it leads to a dry night with clear skies. The overnight lows should be cooler than Tuesday night, but still a little above normal for this time of the year down to the mid-40s.


The main area of ​​low pressure and cold front will pass through the area on Thursday. A clearer low will make the sky somewhat cloudy and bring more frequent bathing to the area, along with possible thunderstorms. The time frame when most of these activities have to move is seen from morning to evening.

Once we arrive in the middle of the afternoon, the clouds appear to break the sun’s rays as our storm system heads north and into the sea. The amount of rainfall with this rain cycle appears to be in the order of 0.10 “to 0.25” but there may be some higher amount isolated.

Temperatures on Thursday will fall slightly, although highs are still expected to rise close to 60 degrees which is still close or slightly above normal for early April. Looking for wind to really take as we advance through Thursday afternoon with gusts of up to 40 miles per hour is a good possibility at the end of the day.

The wind will also deliver cooler temperatures Thursday night and can turn the remaining rainfall into wet snow, especially across the Poconos, northwest of New Jersey, and higher elevations to the west around Interstate 81. No accumulation is predicted at this time .


Winds will still blow as high as 40 miles per hour on Friday. That wind will be a factor throughout the day, but morning will be most noticeable when temperatures above the 30s will feel more like low 30s and 20s. Some humidity that is bound to the storm that will leave us will cause residual rain or even snowfall to the north through the area at certain times, especially at the beginning of the day. By Friday afternoon, things began to improve, but the temperature would still struggle because they only returned to the low 50s.


Most Easter Holiday Weekends are expected to be drier and calmer thanks to other weak areas of high-pressure buildings on the east coast. Saturday will be brighter than two weekend days, but also cooler than both. With that, temperatures are expected to return to the mid-50s, which is only slightly below normal for mid-April. On Easter Sunday, temperatures are expected to rise back to the low 60s because the day starts with little sun followed by an increase in clouds ahead of the next weather which will bring rain back to the Sunday night area to Monday morning.


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