He was suspended for urging his fellow officers to disregard an order to stay at home – he also seemed to be rich | Instant News

Greg Anderson, a Seattle Port police officer and Special Forces veteran, had problems with the direction the country was headed during the coronavirus pandemic.

He is ready to lose his job because of that.

In viral Instagram videosAnderson urged fellow law enforcement officials to basically give citizens their constitutional rights to violate orders to stay at home and run their businesses.

“I saw people arrested or quoted going to church. I don’t know what crimes people commit for nailing in their own homes, “Anderson said in the video last week.” We have to ask ourselves as officers, “Am I doing right?”

Encouraging his opposition to lockdowns, he went on to say he hoped it did not reach the point where we had to “defend our constitutional rights to the government.”

Here is the complete post:

Immediately after the video, Anderson was placed on paid administrative leave, and Chief Rod Covey of the Seattle Police Department discuss these steps on Facebook

post Tuesday.

“It’s sad that we have become a divided country because if you know me and the men and women who work in our police department, you will find that in many ways we may not be much different,” he wrote. “In my case, the only way we are different is that I have the responsibility to ensure that all my officers do what we all do to protect and serve all Americans. And to do it while complying with our training and policies – everything. “

But don’t feel sad for Anderson, who said in a follow-up post that he hoped to be fired for insubordination. Even though many take exception to his stand, he still gets lots of love. The fact GoFundMe page starting on Monday has raised more than $ 340,000 for him.

“He recently made a video urging officials to defend freedom and integrity, his video has been circulating and received positively throughout the country,” wrote Jessica McLaughlin, who said she was Anderson’s wife’s best friend. “I am trying to raise funds for them because they will seek legal representation and to help cover costs incurred by an unexpected future during a drastic change in their lives. Thank you for your kind words and support. “

He initially targeted a target of only $ 50,000.


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