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A day after criticizing the plans to reopen several local casinos, San Diego County Public Health Officer said he would now work with tribal leaders to implement a safe reopening plan.

On Wednesday, Dr. Wilma Wooten said he will seek federal guidance on how to prevent it casino from reopening.

“We are very concerned and we want to make it very clear that we do not agree with the opening of the casino on May 18,” Wooten said.

That comment got a strong and immediate reaction from one
tribal executive.

“It is unfortunate that the public health officer chose a press conference to express his concern, because we told him about our strong plan almost a week ago and we have not heard the response from his office,” said Adam Day, Head of Administration Officer at Sycuan.

Day also questioned “any
legal interpretation that allows each regional jurisdiction for activities
tribal reservation. ”

On Thursday, Dr. Wooten took a far different tone. He said he met with tribal leaders and some proposed reopening plans.

“I will review these plans today because they are planning a phased approach, and this approach is in harmony with the current phase of the situation,” Wooten said.

Both Wooten and the District Overseer, Nathan Fletcher, both recognized the authority of tribal sovereignty.

“It is very clear to us that tribal countries have sovereign authority. And it’s also very clear that districts and tribes have a common interest in protecting the community, “said Wooten.

“I respect their sovereignty, I respect this is your decision to make, and I appreciate the effort and energy they put forth to coordinate it, share the plan with public health officials and seek input as they move forward which is their choice to make,” Said Fletcher.

Meanwhile Sycuan updated it
a previous statement, said health and safety remained number one priority.

“Community health and safety has always been and continues
our number one priority. We look forward to working with all parties
level of government as we have the past 36 years – federal, state and local.
And we are very confident in our carefully designed health and safety
plans to slowly reopen our facilities gradually, “Day said.

Three casinos in San Diego will reopen starting Monday. Others have not officially announced plans to reopen.


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