Dwight Powers was fatally stabbed by his son, Thomas Scully-Powers, during the Zoom chat, police said | Instant News

“They all did the right thing,” Detective Suffolk District Police. Lieutenant Kevin Beyrer, commander of the murder unit, to Newsday. “They are all worried about their friends. It’s terrible they have to witness this. “

Officers later found Powers stabbed to death at his home, killed by his son, police said. He said witnesses told of watching Powers fall and hearing heavy breathing over the call.

It’s unclear if anyone in the video call actually saw his son stabbing Powers, Beyrer told Newsday.

“We don’t know what they witnessed. “There were a number of people in this conference call,” he told the newspaper.

Powers’ fatal stabbing seems to be the first murder that occurred during a Zoom chat corona virus pandemic.

Police did not provide any information about the motives suspected in the killings, although Beyrer told Newsday, police did not think the alleged killing was related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The police also refused to explain the nature of the Zoom call, citing privacy concerns.

Unnamed witness to WABC what people see when Scully-Powers takes the sheets off the bed and lay them on the ground, as if to cover something.

After the witness called 911, it took about 20 minutes to determine where Powers lived, police said. Officers arrived at the father and son’s house within one hour of the alleged stabbing, according to a statement from the Suffolk District Police Department. WABC reports that Scully-Powers answered the door, before slamming it shut and running up.

A police spokesman told The Washington Post that Scully-Powers then jumped from a second-floor window and fled the scene.

Scully-Powers was captured about a mile away before 1 p.m. He was charged with second-degree murder and transferred to a hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries sustained by jumping out the window, police said.

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