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This post is updated with Friday’s statement from the FBI.

A man killed in a gun battle trying to storm a Texas naval air station is from Syria and has a social media account that states support for groups such as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), according to press reports.

The FBI identified Adam Alsahli, 20, as a person killed by Navy security at the North Gate of NAS Corpus Christi. In his attempt to reach the base, he shot a sailor who was guarding the gate.

“He can roll over and push the switch that raises the barrier, preventing the man from entering the base,” The Associated Press reported. The sailor who was shot was released from treatment on Thursday with minor injuries, Navy officials told USNI News.

Alsahli was killed in a subsequent shootout at the gate with the Navy Security Forces, USNI News confirmed on Thursday.

After the shooting, the FBI took a role in the investigation based on Alsahli’s ethnic background as “Arab men,” a US official told USNI News on Thursday. FBI police and Corpus Christi raided a house where Alsahli is believed to be living, the local station reported KERIS 6 News.

Originally from Syria, US citizens have made several posts on social media to support groups such as AQAP, reports CNN.

Authorities did not elaborate on the motive for the attack attempt at the air station other than saying it was “related to terrorism,” Senior Resident Supervisory Agent Leah Greeves said in a brief statement on Thursday.

Greeve said authorities were looking for a second person of interest regarding the attack but no additional information about the search was released.

“We do not rule out possible motives and continue to investigate all the clues. When we can release additional information, we will, “according to a Tweet Thursday night from the FBI office in Houston.

The Corpus Christi Naval Air Station is home to four squadrons from Air Wing Four Training, which uses the Truax Field at the surrounding air base and airfield. The Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and foreign student pilots train at the base.

The Corpus Christi Naval Air Station also houses the Corpus Christi Army Depot which serves as the main maintenance depot for the Defense Department’s rotary wing aircraft. US Customs and Limits Protection Services also operate from Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.

The shooting occurred a few days after Attorney General William Barr connecting NAS Pensacola, Florida, a shooter that killed three sailors in December to AQAP. Two iPhones belonging to the Royal Saudi Air Force 2nd Lieutenant Ahmed Mohammed Alshamrani, a foreign military student assigned to the base, contained messages that the FBI said linking him to AQAP. Barr described the December shooting as “an act of terrorism.”

Last year the NSF shot Daniel King fatally after he drove a stolen sports vehicle to the base via an outlet, according to reports KRIS News 6 at Corpus Christi. At that time, Navy investigators and local law enforcement officers had no motive for the King’s actions.

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